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Triumph TR6 - Front tire rub

I rebuilt the front end of my 74 TR6 last year. Replaced all bushings, shocks, and springs. Tires were replaced with Michelin X from Coker.

The tires now rub on the front fender when making turns, especially while backing up.

I noticed that after alignment, there were 3 shims all around while before there was only one used at all points. On the left side, it looks like the shop used the bend of the shim as well. ( not pleased with this ).

Any thoughts?

E Fluder

Rebuilding the front suspension will not give you tyre rub. Are the new Cokers same size as OE? Are they much bigger...say 225 or better?
I do not even think alignment would give you tyre rub.

Rick C
Rick Crawford


I must agree with Rick, a suspension rebuild should not cause tire rub in and of itself. Seeing that you stated that you have Michelin X tires from Coker I am going to assume that they are the stock 185-15 tires.

Since you are getting a rub and it occurs primarily when backing, is it possible that the steering stops were left off or were missing in the first place and not installed on the trunnions when the the front suspension went back together?

Rick, Steve,

Thanks for the comments. The tires are the standard 185-15's. I'll check the stops, but I remember having problems with them so I'm pretty sure they're in.

However, this reminds me that I had taken out the steering rack to clean it up and paint it. Is it possible that the rubbing could be caused by not centering the steering properly?

E Fluder

This thread was discussed between 26/08/2006 and 27/08/2006

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