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Triumph TR6 - front tire squeal

I am a new owner of a 75 TR6. The front tires squeal when making very low speed turns such as into or out of parking spots. Otherwise the steering and suspension feel very good and solid. The car tracks well going down the road. Do I have a problem or is this a peculiarity of the 6?
Moe Blakey

Every TR6 I've owned does this. Especially with the Michelin redlines.
Gene Holtzclaw

Moe--Gene is right: If you have old Michelin/Goodyear redline tires, then this is a normal characteristic of the extremely hard rubber compound. However, if you have modern tires, squealing shouldn't happen.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I've got Bridgestones ( 3-4 yrs old) on mine and they squeal terribly..very embarrasing as people think you are speeding into the parking lot and dive out of the way.
Charlie Ballard

Thanks to all. I figured everything was okay. this boiard is very informative!
Moe Blakey

Of course, tires that are low on air pressure will squeel more than those which are not.

Jim Deatsch

Your right Jim,
I even added 10lbs pressure but no difference..I'm going to check my alignment next.
Charlie Ballard

Charlie, my pirellis squeal like crazy on the smooth concrete of a parking garage,as did the Michelins I had on prior. I have checked over and over for any telltale sign of misalignment but have failed to detect any. If you do discover the culprit, please let us know.
J. L. Stein

I'd raise that with city council. The blacktop is incompatible with vintage car camber geometry.

You'd be doing a service to the greater good - mabey get them off base....

John Parfitt

Well I expected to read some comment about a goose on this one( Mr. Deatsch where are you?) My 6 runs on Futura GLH Super Sport (directionals)HR. They are P205 60 R15. The only time I have ever heard them squeal is when I pop the clutch in 3rd at 4500 rpm (just kidding). No they don't squeal at all.
Pete Russell,
Erin, Ont.
Pete Russell

This thread was discussed between 14/07/2004 and 16/07/2004

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