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Triumph TR6 - Front Wheel Clearance Problems

I installed my brand new 15" x 6" Minator wheels with Goodparts springs and went for a drive. The rims fouled the upper A-Arms/Ball Joint when turned only about 50% of the possible turning radius. Ripped the balancing weights off the rims and shaved a bunch of aluminum from the insides of the rims.

The shop says there is something wrong with my suspension as they claim these wheels fit the TR6 with no modifications.

My suspension appears to be correctly assembled. The inner wheel bearings are good, nothing bent.

What the $#%$%$ is going on with this..... wheel offset appears to be incorrect need to check.

Any thoughts on this problem?

John Parfitt

are the Goodparts springs a lower spring than standard? That could cause the rubbing.
Also, worn upper/lower A arm bushings, trunnions or ball joints.
Is there a possibility that the upper A arms were assembled backwards? That is an easy mistake to make
an might cause rubbing, but wheel offset is the first thing that comes to mind.
Christopher Trace

I had a similar issue with my Revolution Alloys, (albeit with stock springs, etc.) found the culprit was a bolt that was too long, replaced with a correct length bolt solved all the problems. I've got a nice 'groove' in the wheel that I don't want to talk about anymore, though! Check that upper outer bolt length.

Rod Nichols

John--Wow, can't get more than half the turn. What's the history on your suspension (recent rebuild?). I agree that improperly assembled upper A-arms is the likely culprit. How is your shop certain that the wheels have the proper offset?

Rick O.
Rick Orthen


Great feedback - here are my responses:

1. All bushings are new polyurathane

2. Upper A-Arms are assembled correctly (long arm in front)

3. Ball Joint is new.

4. Goodparts springs are 3/4" lower than stock.

5. I rebuilt the suspension about 5,000 miles ago.

I'll be taking the wheel into the shop to check the backspace and hopefully mount the wheel on a TR6 in the shop.


John Parfitt

great article in the VTR under "tr6 and 15x7 panasport wheels" by shane ingate explains similar problem to your tr, sounds like some modification may be required on some vehicles.. If you can't find the article email me and I will forward to you.

It appears there are two different offsets being sold by KN wheels (Minator).

Took my wheel into the shop and compared with another Minator and found a difference in the offset.

The shop need to see my suspension before drawing a final conclusion but it appears at this point they sold me a set of wheels that do not fit a TR6.

Fitting 7" wheels requires modifications to the upper A-Arms and/or running wheel spacers.

John Parfitt

Just for the record, the wheel clearance problem I spoke of earlier has been solved.

The wheels supplied to me in error were designed for the MGB.

The shop made good on the problem and supplied a new set of wheels with the proper 3-1/2" backspacing designed for the TR6.

John P.

John Parfitt

Hello All,
My turn to wade into this one...I have a set (nearly) of Carroll Shelby Europas 15x7 ... very similar to the panasports but with a 3.625 backspace. They seem to clear just fine on the inside but I am concerned with external clearances on tight turns. I would like to hear if anyone with troubles here with the 7" Panasports. Also, has anyone tried the Konig Rewinds? At $525 usd for the 15x7 with 0 backset, they seem like a pretty good deal. Just curious as I cannot seem to find one more Shelby rim to match the others I have. Help on finding one would be really great... even rewarded with some custom 6 parts.

Cheers, Rob
Rob Gibbs

Hi Rob,
I have 16*7 panasports with big tires 215-60-16. My car has been lowered and the suspension upgraded (rear antiroll bar, poly bushings better shocks on front).Though I new it would be close I went for 215 instead of 205 in order to fill up the wheel well. I have had mild rubbing on the left hand drivers fender in tight turns at low speed over bumps. No other rubbing issues front or back inside or out.

This thread was discussed between 17/05/2005 and 03/06/2005

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