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Triumph TR6 - Frozen Clutch

My 6 has been garaged for a while and the clutch is frozen. Does anyone have a suggestion for freeing it up?
I've never done much to it myself in the 38 years that I've had it, but there are fewer and fewer mechanics that know how to work on it.
R Doud

What have you tried so far?

Have you checked to see when you press the clutch pedal in if the slave cylinder moves the clutch rod at the transmission?

If no movement- could be air in the hydraulic line or faulty clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder

If yes to movement- could be clutch rusted/seized to flywheel. You might be able to free it by pressing in the pedal and pushing the car back and forth.

If that doesn't work, then it may be necessary to separate the transmission and engine and pull the clutch apart.

As Don asks- what have you tried so far?

Michael Petryschuk

How long is a "while"?

(you know me ....just hate letters..)
Rick Crawford


I may be in the same boat as you. Just hauled (towed)my 68 Spitfire home from being off the road and in storage for 2 years. Clutch doesn't disengage either and I will need to see how to get it free.

As well passenger side tire is bowed out. Not sure why. Will have to pull it off.

Gee if it weren't for the British cars, I wouldn't have anything to do.
Michael Petryschuk

Hyd jack under the diff..................start car in gear ( second works well) hold rev's to around 1000 and then have helper quickly drop the jack, the shock load will break the rust bond free. Please have car pointed down driveway and not towards house/tree/cement barricade etc...................

good luck.
Mitch Smith

Thanks for the procedure Mitch. This should be interesting once I get the rear end of the Spitfire back together.
Michael Petryschuk

The hard parts gonna be getting it out of the garage

This thread was discussed between 05/05/2011 and 14/05/2011

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