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Triumph TR6 - Frozen Engine


The friend of mine has the chance to get a 74 TR6 that has been parked since 1997. They tried to start it last weekend, but the engine is frozen. It ran before it was parked. Probably rust in the cylinders? Any suggestions on getting the engine running again?

BTW, no rust, needs new interior, probably needs carb rebuild, rebuild brake/clutch hydraulics, etc.

Ignatius Rigor

Plenty of slippery stuff in the cy. and try to turn by hand. Take the plugs out when you do it Ig.
Nice to see your name again!!
Don Kelly

Helli Ignatius,

I had a lot of success with adding releaseall deruster buy sparkplug holes and waiting a few days prior to turn motor.

Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Hi Ig

Is it planned to remove the pistons once your buddy frees them up? The rings are probably rusted up and the cylinders probably should be honed.
Michael Petryschuk

I have head something about putting diesel fuel down the cylinders to free it up????

Rick Crawford

Thanks for the suggestions, they got the motor turning (I do not know what they used). I will suggest the honing, but I think they are anxious to getvit started.
Ignatius Rigor

Screw the honing and drive it till it stops
Don Kelly

Gee Don

I wish I had your Devil may care approach.
Michael Petryschuk

Motor is probably trashed anyway if it's been frozen a while. Who knows how many pieces of rings are in the pan .
Why not?
Don Kelly

My friends spitfire had the same problem...
He took the plugs out and squirted 2 tblespoons of Marvel Mystery Oil into each spark plug hole and waited a week, broke things free with a wrench on the main pulley bolt, re-installed the plugs and started it up...
He has since put 15k miles on the car over the last 5 years and she is still going strong...
Worth a try in my opinion...
DWS Smith

This thread was discussed between 11/10/2011 and 18/10/2011

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