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Triumph TR6 - Fuel Filter

I recently determined that I do not have a fuel filter. The result is sediment continually clogging the carbs. Where originally was one in place and is there a better spot?

John Brunatti

Originally it is located just below the fuel pump. There is (in your case was?) a short 90* bent fuel line on the "in" side of the pump. It is about 6" long and the filter is there. It is fairly easy to change. Maybe others have a suggestion for a better place. The only other place I can think of is back at the tank but the car has to be lifted to get at it there. All this assumes original routing of the fuel line.
Rick Crawford

John, as Rick says, the fuel filter is needed and will definitely help, but you may want to also consider cleaning and sealing your fuel tank to eliminate or reduce the trash you're getting. It's not too big a deal, but you do have to remove the fuel tank, clean it, etch it and then apply the gooey sealer stuff and it's like new again!!
Doug Baker

Good point Doug...forgot that one. I sent mine out to have it done...$100 later and no crap.
Rick Crawford

Traditionally, vehicles have the fuel pumps near the gas tank so that fuel is pushed to the engine. Being that our fuel pumps are located in the engine compartment, it sucks fuel and all the rest of the crap that's in your fuel and fuel tank. That being said, I would recommend you put the fuel filter before the fuel pump and in a convienant place were you can:
1) be able to inspect it periodically.
2) have easy access to replace it.

Well, for cars fitted with electric fuel pumps, they are traditionally near the fuel tank. For cars with mechanical pumps, such as the carb version TR6 and for that matter most carb fitted cars, the fuel pumps are mechanical, typically driven by the camshaft and mounted to either the engine block or cylinder head as a function of the cam location.

As for filter location, I would go for just ahead of the fuel pump as previously recommended. The advantages are that the filter can be changed without getting under the car and with a low tank level, driving the front of the car up on short ramps is typically sufficient to keep the fuel from coming out of the hose when you go to change the filter. Then again, you can always use surgical clamps to pinch the hose closed.

If you were to mount it at the rear under the tank, it mightbe advisable to fit a small valve at the tank to shut off flow when changing the filter. Otherwise, keep that heavy clamp handy. Besides, if you fit it under the car at the rear, you need to get under it to change the fuel filter. Not fun for what should be such a simple job.

Steve Pike

Hi John

This one works well as you can see any dirt thru' the clear plastic...I bought it at Canadian Tire or Parts Source and the part # is 23-3516-2
I installed it on the input side of the pump.

Charlie B.

Where Steve mentions at the back below the gas tank there is a steel line from the tank(A) joining a steel line(B) to the "in" side of the fuel filter. At the back, between A and B, I have added a shut-off valve so the filter can be changed at any time.
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 17/01/2008 and 18/01/2008

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