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Triumph TR6 - Fuel Filter Location

Does it make a difference whether the filter is installed on the suction or discharge side of the pump?

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Probably not. I've seen them in both locations on carburated cars. My TR has always had one on the suction side, it may have been original to the car, and intuitively it seems worthwhile to filter the crud out prior to the fuel pump for the benefit of the pump.

A. J. Koschinsky

I agree, filter it before the pump makes most sense. Also seems like the less obstructions on the way from the pump to the carb the better. : )
Ian Kinaid

I have a filter attached to the inlet side of a 'Facet' electric fuel pump and then another filter on the discharge side.

John Parfitt

Here I go being contrary - I've thought of moving the filter to the discharge side of the pump because 1) it's a gas-leaking mess to change on the suction side, 2) the extra pressure from the pump will push fuel through a partially plugged filter that would restrict flow if on the suction side, and 3) there is already a fine screen particle filter in the fuel pump. BUT there's no real room to install in the discharge, so I probably I won't be changing the location.

Brent B

I guess I should have been clearer: when our cars were assembled initially, was it suction or discharge?

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Suction keeps the strainer in the fuel pump clear?
Bill Brayford

Rick O
Yup Rick..should have been clearer. Suction side (TRF plate AP28) for all the good reasons above.

Brent I have installed a shut off tap at location TRF (blue book) plate AP23. Have not changed the filter yet this year but one thing is for sure, I will not need to get the vise grips out.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Good Morning,
I am changing my fuel filter and wonder if anyone has a cross ref that I can use. From Canadian Tire or UAP or NAPA ? Maybe a Ford/Chev/Jap ??

Chris Lummis

Any good quality inline fuel filter that fits in your line is OK. There not high pressure or high volume. Some have an in and out side so watch for that.

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 07/04/2004 and 25/04/2004

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