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Triumph TR6 - fuel filter placement

Scott's post about fuel line brought up a thought. Wouldn't it be best to place an inline fuel filter AFTER the glass bowl filter, so that the big goobers can be trapped (and easily cleaned out) before clogging the finer in-line filter? If so, where would y'all suggest placing the in-line filter for easy access? I was stranded this summer by an inaccessable in line filter, and want to do an optimal re-placement.
Karl Prager

Hi Karl

The glass bowel I think is your fuel pump. Some of the guys seem to have them. I have a 72 and don't. I don't think that fuel pump has a filter internal but not sure.

Where was your filter?

I always put a strainer type just before fuel pump most cars. If your tank is crapped up junk varnish that will clog a 1/4 line your in trouble any way. Then put a normal single direction on the out put to the carbs. Most don't have this. My idea only. Go overboard on filter flow rate way to many lean running trs out there.

B Brayford

When I did my restoration in 1987 to 1990, I found that I had a small hole in my gas tank. The tank experts said they wouldn't weld or braze it. They said they'd "flush" it or "slush" it. Can't remember the french word for it. For $100.00 in 1990, they sandblasted inside it - at least where they could get into it, vacuumed it out, mixed up an epoxy, poured it in and rotated the tank to epoxy coat all the inside.

I only have the glass sediment bowl and the fine screen mesh screen in it attached as part of my mechanical fuel pump for a filter. I have cleaned it out about 5 times over the last 12 summers - very little stuff on the screen filter.

This means that the tank and lines are still clean inside after epoxy coating the tank during more than 70,000 miles of driving during those 12 summers.

A clean tank goes a long way to preventing clogged fuel lines,

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Hi Guys,
My 75 has the "glass bowl top" fuel pump and it is removable to access and clean the filter inside.
I'll be doing that very job soon so hopefully it will go smooth. I am also going to re-install my in-line filter to allow easier change outs when needed

PS's the frame coming along ??

Hi Charlie

Frame is slow to stop. Between Honey do this Honey do thats. And I am still waffling on original and V8? When you came down the street. I new it was a Tr before I could see you. Don't know if I want to lose that.

Baby boy got drivers licence. Girls occasional $30.00 a year his is $600.00??? Absolutely needs new sound system in Moms car no CD. Buys Sony CD system etc. but they will charge him to install. Guess who gets the job?

Life goes on,

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 26/11/2002 and 01/12/2002

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