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Triumph TR6 - Fuel Flow

I need help on this one..........New topic, same issue.

If you recall I have an inordinate amount of fuel flowing thru the system when the car is off causing the carbs to overflow with fuel.

I have confirmed that there is nothing wrong with the carbs nor is my fuel dirty. Based on too much pressure I decided to change the fuel pump based on an assumption that perhaps it was charging the "system" with too much pressure.

I disconeccected the fuel line into the pump and immediately discovered the problem. Within 1 minute I filled a 1/2 gallon jug with fuel. For some reason it's flowing on it's own.

What would cause the fuel to flow like this on its own. I opened the gas cap in hopes of stopping the flow and that did not help.

Where do I go to fix this one?

I appreciate your help!
JS Shirhall

I do not believe you discovered anything new. The bottom of the fuel tank is about the same height as the pump so yes fuel will flow. Try changing a fuel filter without pinching the line off and you will see this.
I still think your problem is at the carbs specifically the floats and valve.
Rick Crawford

Problem solved.........I re-connected the fuel line leading into the pump and disconnected the line leading out of the pump and the fuel flowed freely out of the pump as if nothing was in the way.

I decided to replace the fuel pump and with the "inflow" pipe connected and the "outflow" pipe disconnected the the flow of fuel ceased. The carbs are now "normal" again and are not leaking fuel.

The new pump is now regulating the flow of the fuel in the system.

Thanks for everyone's comments on this and the previous fuel discussion thread.

JS Shirhall

There had been a rash of pumps sold with to hi fuel pressure.

Don, I understood as Rick pointed out on other threads, that the fuel pump will not hinder the flow of fuel. The only method to restrain the fuel is at the float and valve. Is there something I am missing?

I am still having the same problem myself. I was going to replace the float valve with the grose jet type but have not done so yet. I thought I would put the old valves back in for a try as I assume that the new valves were defective.

The fuel is no longer over-filling the carb but I can see that the float bowl gasket is damp. Does the gasket need to 'soak up' in a vehicle that has been sitting for a few months? Or, if the float and valve are working correctly, no gas should be at the level of the gasket?



JS Shirhall,
Great to hear that you've solved the problem. If your problem returns "and I hope it doesn't" you need to look at your carbs for the problem. Why? Because I had the same problem. I solved it with replacing the valves with grose jets and adjusted the float bowl tabs accordingly. I've got a Holley electic fuel pump with an adjustable fuel pressure valve. I've adjusted the pressure up to 10 psi with both the engine on and off and had no leaks. Ya gotta love those Grose jets!!
Float bowl gasket is damp? Yup...sounds like your float bowl is still overflowing.

This thread was discussed between 26/04/2008 and 20/05/2008

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