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Triumph TR6 - Fuel leak

Okay me and the wife go for a drive and I smell gas quite strong in thecab. So I get the triumph home park it in the garage fiddle with fuel line and evaporator cannister hook up tubes and leave it at that. Return the next day and there is a puddle of gas underneath the car. Push the car out of the garage and I suddenly hear/see fuel leaking from somewhere in the rear of the engine compartment. I also notice gas in the crank case oil so I'm thinking the fuel pump seal/ diaphragm has gone. Does this sound about right for hooped fuel pump? An entire fuel pump is only 40 bucks and looks like this one has never been changed. What say you all? Thanks
A Vandergoot

Sounds about right to me. Had the same issue 4 years back. I think only way for gas to get into oil is through fuel pump.
Michael Petryschuk

Thanks Michael.
A Vandergoot

This thread was discussed between 09/08/2012 and 10/08/2012

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