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Triumph TR6 - Fuel Pump in Question

I have a 1976 Truimph TR6 that for the past three years has run great. I was driving the other day when the engine just quit. I tried to start her but when I turned the key I could not hear the fuel pump run behind me. I took off the carburetor filters and when the gas pedal was depressed, I could see that no fuel entered the carbs.

I read the Bentley Workshop Manual it goes into detail on how to locate and replace the fuel pump.

Here is where it gets odd. When I removed the back panel in the trunk to reveal the non-working fuel pump(as directed by Bentley) I saw a small square brass box with a black and red electrical wires to it and two black fuel lines connecting to it. The brass box does not resemble the replacement pump in the Moss catalog or the original Lucas fuel pump diagramed in the manual. The red electrical wire feeds in from the ignition and the black wire is connected to the car body. The fuel lines come from the tank into the box and out of the box through the floor then into what looks like a small filter and the fuel line continues forward to a T-splitter and directly into the carburetors.

1. Is this different configuration for a normal replacement for a fuel pump or am I looking at something else?
2. The diagram in the Bently manual shows the fuel pump next to the gas tank in the trunk. The diagram in the Moss catalog show that the fuel pump is attached to the block. Since I have no fuel pump near the engine(or at least I cannot see it where Moss indicates it might be), what is correct?
3. Will the Moss replacement part number 377-060 work on this car or do I need to modify?
4. If not, what Lucas fuel pump(or near miss knockoff) would go in the trunk next to the tank as specified in the Bentlely manual.
5. If there is something else I should be looking at to resolve this problem, please advise.

Thanks for your help.

Timothy J McCabe

TJ McCabe

Sounds like your car has had an aftermarket electric fuel pump fitted. Carb fitted TR6s used a mechanical pump mounted to the engine block on the left hand side, aft of and below the distributor, above the oil filter. You have a couple of choices. Verify the aftermarket pump is bad and replace with the same pump, or go back to the stock mechanical pump.

Hi Tim
First off any 12 Volt out of tank 1 input/output fuel pump will work. Most unless designed for TR put out 4 to 6 or higher lbs. You will need a pressure regulator due to low pressure required I believe?
You won't see gas looking were you seem to be looking. If you can't hear the pump.

Check for 12 volts across the 2 connectors at the pump. If you have 12 across there and can't hear pump might be shot or just at line pressure? If you can get a line off right before the filter and put it in a container turn on key and see if you hear pump and have good gas going in container. Be damned carefull doing this as gas and cheap hot trouble lights and sparks don't mix. 12 volts no pump pumps shot. If you have pump and gas there go to that filter you mention. Put line on pump side take off after filter in container turn on key. You know the routine by now.

If you have been driving the car for 3 years and haven't changed the fuel filter maybe the last guy didn't either? Lots cheaper than a pump. SO check

The TR carbs only uses around 2 Lbs. fuel pressure. If that fuel pump was designed for that and likely designed to start and stop at a certain line pressure that may be your problem? Crud in the filter will shut it off. Those are the first things I would check.

Let us know
B Brayford

Good news. All of your suggestions helped to educate me on the different configurations of fuel pumps on my TR6 and the difference between imports and domestic models. Additional resources pointed out that TR6s with the a "factory" pump in the trunk(like mine) are the non-US-spec cars with fuel injection (petrol injection, hence the "PI" heading on the pages I was looking at in the Bentley manual). These cars were not imported to the States and mine was brought over after it was purchased and someone had replaced the original Lucas fuel pump with the "gold box, electric fuel pump" which worked just fine until last week. As all of you have stated, on US cars with twin Zenith-Stromberg carburetors, the mechanical fuel pump is mounted on the engine just above the oil filter. I didn't see it there and it wasn't until everyone's input did I realize that my car is just a non-US configuration and not a hack repair job.

The day everyone responded, I received a Moss Catalog with the exact solid state electric fuel pump on lucky page 13, part number 377-420. It should arrive tomorrow and a happy ending is in sight(until the next issue).

You learn as you go and I find it valuable to have access to those who are willing to share their experiences and expertise.

Thanks for everyone's help.

TJ McCabe
TJ McCabe

This thread was discussed between 13/10/2002 and 16/10/2002

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