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Triumph TR6 - Fuel pump question

I am ready to put my rebuilt carbs on a TR6 that had sat for 20+ years only 59M original miles. I have cleaned out the fuel tank and changed the fuel filter. I have done nothing with the fuel pump but wondered if it can retain sediment/gunk that may foul the new carbs. Should I pull it and flush? It was working fine and I am certainly not looking for new projects at this time, but would hate to cause a new problem through negligence!
Bill Kinney

If you rebuilt the carbs a clean out your fuel tank, why not rebuild the fuel pump? It's cheap and easy to rebuild.

If it is an original equipment AC branded pump, defintely hang on to it. Kits are available for them from the usual suspects and they rebuild reasonably well. None of the newer type replacement pumps set up for user rebuild, even the AC ones.

I guess my question I need to rebuild the fuel pump at this time. It works fine but I didn't know if it could have sediment/gunk still in it from sitting so long. I had a good lbc mechanic do my carbs because they were leaking and I couldn't figure them out!
Bill Kinney

I think you have answered your own question.....20 Years of sitting. At least pull it off and do a clean to it. There is a fine mesh filter on the top. It is probably gummed up pretty good. The mesh could be restricting fuel flow and you can clean this by just removing the top least do this.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks Rick, will do!
Bill Kinney

This thread was discussed between 27/01/2006 and 30/01/2006

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