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Triumph TR6 - fuel pump question

Hey, I haven't bothered you guys for a while.

My 71 TR6 has been running great for the last 2 years. I've changed the oil regularly, put some new points and plugs in, replaced a gas tank, replaced a clutch slave, but haven't run into anything really difficult.

Today I smelled gas after I filled it up. Under the bonnet, the original, I think, mechanical fuel pump is leaking gas all over the place. The screws are all nice and tight. I ended up jacking the front end up so the fule pump was higher than the gas tank an stopped the leaking.

I'm guessing the diaphram is shot. TRF has a replacement pump for around $100; I'm okay with $100 as I haven't spent any significant money on the car for a couple of years. But is there anything better to do or anything I should check out?

I do have the battery isolated and the leak stopped. It was a bit scary having raw gas pouring out onto a hot engine, but I solved it temporarily.

Thanks in advance for your good advice.

John Bryan

There has been a rash of lousy diaphragms sold with these pumps. If your interested I'll give yo u the name of a company that sells a proper diaphragm in their kit.

Don, I am interested. I've had this car about 5 or 6 years. The pump appears to be original, but I haven't pulled it off yet.

Looking at the stuff I can find on the internet, it should have a priming lever and I don't remember seeing one on there. I'm pretty sure we pulled that pump off when we rebuilt the motor, but not positive. It's just a detail I don't remember.

TRF has some rebuilt originals for about $100 with a core exchange. That doesn't sound too bad to me.
John Bryan

John , here is the site for the parts

Here is a site for a great rebuild photo"how to"

Actually he states TRF but I think he had a problem with those and found the above parts site.

I think it should have a primer if original and I am sure since you've only had it for 6 years that the original was tossed which is a shame for how easy they are to rebuild. You can still find them on "Scam Bay"

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