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Triumph TR6 - Fuel System Remedies

Has anyone experienced problems when reinstalling their fuel tank in that fuel will not fill up the fuel filter and therefore not get to the pump and carbs? I have removed the pump which when manually pumped has spray and some level of suction. Pump is about a year old/ 1200 miles. Not sure if there are any tricks I am missing. I have not ruled out scale/crap in the line from the tank to the filter. Although when I disconnet tye gas line to the filter hose, gas leaks through. Fuel filter only fills up about a quarter however. Any ideas on this are welcome.


Actually I think that is common for the filter. I'll assume it's a clear plastic one that allows you to see thru it.
I haven't put my tank or lines back on my six yet but when I did my BGT which has an electric fuel pump the same thing happens.
The filter does not fill up but gas certainly is passing thru it on it's way to the carbs. I remember posting this question on a thread and was reassured that this is common.

With the fuel line disconnected at the carb and draining into a glass jar, try cranking engine over.
What happens?
Dennis Silance

I have the clear filter on mine and it's not completely filled...there is one open area at the top "corner" (of the round filter) fine

Charlie B.

I have also the (standard) clear filter, Half Full (or half empty ?). No problems at all.

Eric de Lange

Thanks for the tips...after a long investigation into the fuel system (because two miles of driving after replacing my fuel tank and having a breakdown) I now have discovered the problem was actually a faulty rotor. Installed a replacement and tyhe TR started right up!

Shawn 74.5

Glad you found it !!! those Tr's like to boggle us sometimes !
Charlie B.

Funny, I don't recall a rotor in my '71 fuel system!
Most be something unique to the 74.5 :-)
Joe S.

This thread was discussed between 09/07/2006 and 13/07/2006

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