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Triumph TR6 - Fuel Tank Volume

Members etc.
I took my (July 1969 TR6 injection) fuel tank out when I was having trouble with my recently installed bosch pump. Anyway Iv'e fitted a 7/8th outlet on the bottom of tank and so far things have greatly improved.

But what interesting is that I micro checked to volume of the tank after I re-installed it.

It took exactly 45 litres or 9.9 imperial gallons, and not a drop more.

Went for a run round the block and there was no air in it and the tank remained completely full
Early TR6s had a 11.25 imperial gallons (51.20 litres) and then the latter ones had a 10.25 imperial gallons (46.60 litres) tank - 1972 models onwards.
The tank that I have installed appears to be a latter TR6 tanks - as recorded on the page 30 Rimmer Bros Parts book

Two question arise:
1. Why was the tank reduced to 10.25 i-gallons in 1972 ?
2. Why is my tank completely full at 9.9 gallons (45 litres)?

I could not get another 1.6 litres in it.
Comments would be appreciated
regards Kevin Farley

Kevin Farley

Is it possible that the tank has been pushed in,
that is dented thus decreaseing the volume and that the dent is hidden by the inteior and trunk liner?
Christopher Trace

The tank is in perfect condition and it has never been dented or damaged in any way and was original. I removed it completely from the TR, checked it all over no dents. Looked and cleaned out the insides with caustic soda and the baffles are nice and straight and no rust. Repainted and it looks like new.

I filled it up to the brim, went for a 2 kms spin on a short up and down road to ensure no air was in it and it was still right up and into the nosel when i got back . I could not put another drop in it.

Also it's an original factory tank - not an aftermarket one or made up one. When I took the tank out it looked like it hadn't been out for 30 years. I've checked other TR6 tanks and its the same. But my TR is 1969 and tank has pipework the same as a PI late tank - refer rimmer page 30

So that still leaves the question - why only 9.9 gallons
ie 45 litres.

Its got me stumped, as I can't find any records of a 45 litre tanks.

Kevin Farley

I don't understand how you can keep any petrol at all in your TR6 tank when everything in Australia is upside down !

Don Elliott. 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Hi Kevin - I can't remember exactly as it's been a while since I had mine out, but I think the filler neck on top extends into the tank slightly. It would make sense to retain a small amount of air in the tank to allow for expansion of the fuel even when fully filled. Maybe the volume figures quoted in the books are literal volumes rather than actual capacity.

Glad to hear things are running better with the bosch.

Roger H

Saw somewhere that later tanks had an 'induced' air space to reduce the chance of actual fuel being expelled in a hot day/full tank situation. I drive a 74 (us spec) TR 6 and the numbers you quote correspond exactly with my original handbook. The filler neck does intrude into the tank so you cannot really 'fill' the tank. Peter G
Peter Gooch

Thanks boys....I'll have tomorrow to see if a lip extends into the tank. I must admit that I didn't check to see if a lip was on it when I had it out.
I'll be working all day on the TR tomorrow as we have our annual concours on this weekend. So its got to be spick and span for the big show.
PS...Don - perhaps you don't relise that the filler cap in Australia is between the chassis ralls and between the back wheels under the TR - it's a bit like a ducks bum when you look at it.
Kevin Farley

Now I see. But up here we talk about geese, - Canada Geese !

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

The fuel tank in my TR6 holds 19.5 US gallons.

Yes, it's custom made. I have the plans for it if anyone else would like to duplicate it.
Dan Masters


Where is your tank located on the 6? Have you relocated the tank to the trunk(boot)?

DL Harding


It fits in the same location as the stock tank. I've sent you a photo by separate e-mail. In the photo, you are looking at the front of the tank.

The cutout is for the axle hump. This hump is not needed for the TR6 IRS, but it's a hold over from the old TR4A live axle version. I also have made a replacement for this hump to give a flat floor if you are interested in that. That would eliminate the cutout and add a little bit more capacity.
Dan Masters

O.K. Dan, give it up. SHARE!
Don K.

Hi Dan

I'd also be interested in seeing the one you've had made. I've been thinking of having one made up in aluminium (an off season project).

Maybe you could send a pic to Charlie Ballard? - I think his idea was to provide a web page for posting pics and tips etc, but it's tended to be a photo album (a great one at that Charlie!)



Roger H

I'll post pictures and plans on the British V8 website in the next couple of days. You cab get there at: or go direct to and click on the appropriate button (I'm not sure which button the webmaster will post it under, or how long it will take to get it posted).

I'll also post a picture of the piece I made to flatten the floor as well, in case anyone is interested in that.

On my tank, I used an aftermarket fuel sender, as I also used after market gauges, but you could certainely use the stock sender if you wish. just have your fabricator drill the stock sender bolt pattern. You will probably have to make some mechanical modifications to the sender arm/float to keep the stock sender, but they should be fairly easy to do.
Dan Masters

With the 19.5 gallons, what is the effect on your suspension. Thats about 135 pounds or about twice the weight of weight over the back springs. (figure based on imperial gallon so US Llbs will be different).
I have enough trouble now getting over speed humps so with the bum down a bit more with the weight might be a bit of a problem.
Have you installed stronger coils etc.
regards Kevin
Kevin Farley

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