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Triumph TR6 - Fuel Treatment-Storage

Has anyone heard that use of fuel treatment such as STABIL should be avoided. I have been using this when storing my TR winters for almost 10 years with no problems. Apparently, this additive will wear out fuel lines, hoses, etc. I have heard that it is better to use a fuel additive normally used with marine motor applications. Anyone else hewar this?


Probably no worse than the stuff in our gas.
I use the marine stuff

I have used it for many years Shawn in mowers, outboards, and cars (including my TR6) with no issues. Having said that I should say that I switched to Mercury Marine Fuel System Cleaner/Stabilizer for my four-stroke outboard due to too few hours of use causing gummed up carbs (4). It was recommended by my marina so I went with it instead of Stabil. I still use Stabil in the Six.

Ken Shaddock

Hi everyone,

Time of the year to store our babies...I have for several years managed to do the oil change and filter replacements before I store the car. Should I do this in the late Fall before I store it or in Spring.

Thanks for your feedback !

L.T. Tawil


I have never used stabilizer for my cars. I stored my Spitfire every winter for 30 years and have never had a problem My TR6 has gone 5 years now and I haven't had any need to reset the carbs or had any problem. Now my lawnmower is a different story. I get gum build up in the float bowl if I don't use it.


I do my oil change in the spring but you will probably find an even split in opinion for either option.
Michael Petryschuk

Hi Guys
As I understand it when "used" oil sits for a few months it becomes acidic and may slightly etch the metal, fresh oil stored in the engine takes a lot longer to do that so that's why it's recommended for all motors to drain dirty oil and store with clean oil. As for the gas tank I fill mine ( reduces condensation in tank) and add some fuel stabilizer.
Before I park mine I change the oil, add some Lucas stabilizer..go for a good run to mix it all up and park it...never had any problems.
Charlie B.

Thanks all: I basically do the same. I had heard recently that because of what is being added to fuel these days that it was a good idea if you used any stabalizer it should be the marine type.


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