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Triumph TR6 - Fuzzy Weatherstrip for doors

I am looking for some help on how to install the fuzzy weatherstrip around the door. The catalogs show they go around the door and up the windshield, but its not real clear how it attaches. TRF said there was a channel for it to slip into, and there is a rubber bead that runs down the length of it, but I can't see it. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Any of you 1971 veterans out there have any advice?

Sleepless in Chapel Hill,

The channel is within the furflex strip itself. There are springy steel ribs within the strip that clamp onto raised seams along the bodywork where panels come together. By rubber bead, they might be referrring to the bulb seal or to the backing that holds the clips. Pull one back and it will make more sense.

The real trick is not trimming it off too short. Start at one end, doesn't matter which, making sure that you have it inserted well up under the bright trimwork at the top of the windscreen pillar or at the upper rear area behind the door. Then work it fully into place as you go along the length. When you get near the other end, measure carefully to allow for fitting it up under the trimwork at the finishing end and trim it back with some heavy cutters to length. If anything, err on the side of leaving too much. You can always cut more off, but you can't put length back on after the fact.

Checked it out and it makes sense now. Have two last questions. First, the rubber bead (or bulb seal) that runs the length of the strip, I'm assuming when the strip clips on, it runs along the outside as a water seal against the window glass and door....right? Second, this seems to be the final trim as it clips over the flange, so I am thinking I should have all the finishers in place before clipping on the fuzzy strip, though the carpet an interior trim panels can go on that right?

Thanks for the lesson, seems to make sense.

I had the same question earlier(check the archives) I had a pretty good idea but still wanted to double check. If you havn't done it yet I'll try to take a dig. pic and e-mail it to you. also check your local club and compare against another 6


The bulb seal faces outside, with the furflex part to the inside of the car. The carpet and the front trim panel's flexible (fabric?, can't remember for sure) go under the the channel of the seal. That is how those edges are held in place.

Start at the windshield end as the B post finisher piece is the easier end to deal with especially if it is removed from car. Steve P is dead on re the err thing. When installing my new interior, I put the inside rocker pannel carpet pieces on first. The carpet pieces are GLUED in place and the furflex is not used to hold it in place (sorry Steve P but gotta disagree with ya on this one). Put the furflex on the bottom door channel in one spot to get an idea of how far up the channel lip to glue the carpet. You do not want a gap here when the furflex is finally installed (with bulb to outside as Steve says). No need to put insulating/sound deadening material here. Also do not glue the side trim pieces to the floor pan as you need to put the wiring harness under the carpet. The vertical side trim pannel carpet pieces are glued to the "pressboard" pieces then is held in place with screws. I had to do a little cutting here of the pressboard pieces to make a better fit with no gaps. You will see that there are existing drilled holes in the metalwork for the screws. You obviously can not see the holes when you hold the pannel in place so here is a little trick. I put screws in the drilled holes with the phillips heads cut off (use pliers to put in and out). I then put the pannel in place where I wanted it and with a hammer hit the pannel to mark the back of the board. I then drilled through the carpet and board, installed the screws in the holes all the way and used them to find the holes in the metal work. I ended up drilling a few new holes as you can imagine some of the holes where hard to find and align.
Mark sounds like you are installing a new interior carpet kit..yes? If so do 2 things. Put in sound deadening material (not the junk that comes with the kit) and if you want speakers at the back ledge put your wiring in first. I ran it down the edge of the tranny cover pieces and up and under the back carpet and out the half moon shaped piece. I made it so the wires at back can be hidden for show purposes. Oh Ya, the vinyl trim pieces (except wheel arches) should be removed as the carpet is installed under them. Do not apply the sound deadening material right to these joints as it will be to thick (carpet and material) to go under the vinyl trim pieces.
Have fun and best regards
P.S. 3M GENERAL TRIM SPRAY ADHESIVE.. Gods gift to us to help install vinyl trim, carpet, and sound deadening material. Spray..let sit..apply vinyl or carpet....done.
Rick Crawford

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