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Triumph TR6 - Gasket questions

What is the concensus on using gasket goop or sealer or whatever?

1. On the gaskets between the air filter and carbs?
2. Valve cover?

That's about as far as I intend to go in the near future, but I don't really know if they should go on dry or if you put a little stuff on them to hold them in place or if the gasket stuff is necessary to get a good seal. Thanks, John.
JL Bryan


My .02 (your mileage and responses will vary of course) is that you use goop on the valve cover gasket but only on the valve cover side to hold it in place.

Air cleaners? Nope.


Jim Deatsch

I agree. In over 157,000 miles on my TR3A, I have gone through about 5 or 6 valve cover gaskets made of cork. The goop was only between the valve cover and the gasket. My TR3A came that way from the factory. You goop one side of the gasket and the inside of the valve cover and put the gooped gasket into place in the rim of the valve cover. Lay it all down overnight on a clean flat surface, with the clean gasket side down. From time to time, make sure the gasket hasn't curved itself in away from the lip of the valve cover rim.

When it has set a bit, check that the gasket is nicely in place and bolt the valve cover lightly onto the top of the head. Apply a bit of torque to the nuts. Then several hours or a day later, tighten it down properly. I wasted one of the gaskets I mentioned above because I didn't do this.

Justin Wagner :-

introduced his new TR6 silicone gasket at Triumpfest earlier this October in California. He claims it can be re-used for more than 20,000 miles. Check it out - the price too. With the 4 or 5 cork gaskets I used (not counting the one I wasted), I got about 30,000 miles out of each one.

How many years will it take you to drive your TR6 the next 30,000 miles ?

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Thanks, as usual. John.
JL Bryan

This thread was discussed on 25/10/2003

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