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Triumph TR6 - Gasket sealing tips?

I could use some tips from those experience with putting the TR6 engine back together. We should be slowly warming up here so I should be able to get out to the garage in a couple of weeks or so. My minimum these days is about 40 deg.F to get me into the garage with the heater going. Any colder than that and I'm not too interested.

Some gasket questions:

-That big front engine plate gasket has alot of "real estate" to cover with sealant. Any tips on application?

-I'm quite sure the head gasket goes on dry.

-How about the metal Intake/exhaust manifold gasket?
Dry? Or sealer?

-And the metal ehaust flange gasket...where the down pipe connects to the exhaust system?? sealer?

I think that's it for now.

HP Henry Patterson

Henry -I think I used alot of copper gasket spray on most. But it has been awhile.
Don K.

I used silicone for my oil's designed for engines and is more expensive but no leak so far. It would be fine at any part of the engine like the timimg cover etc that has oil behind it
Charlie B.

Henry--I used gasket copper spray (several coats) on both sides of the head-intake-exhaust-downpipe gaskets. Do this a ahead of time so it has time to completely dry. As far as the front engine plate, I think I traced a film of Hylomar between and around the bolt holes. It's also a good idea to put some Hylomar in all bolt holes (particularly the oil sump and the front sealing block).

Rick O.
'72 TR6
Rick Orthen

Thanks guys.

Rick O. Just to clarify, did you say you used the sealer on the head gasket? I guess I'm not familiar with the copper spray. Is it a thin coating? I can't see putting a heavy gasket sealer on the head gasket. Is the copper spray used where you normally would put a gasket on dry?


HP Henry Patterson

Rick O,

I should have done the search on the internet for copper gasket spray before I asked the question. I found the Permatex site that detailed the copper spray as a high temp sealer good for head gaskets and other high temp applicatons like exhaust.

thanks again
HP Henry Patterson

This thread was discussed between 02/02/2005 and 03/02/2005

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