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Triumph TR6 - Gearbox Serial Number

This si sgonna seem like another of my operator error dumb questions.

TRF's VOL I shows transmission number on early cars stamped on a boss on the left (driver's) side behind the clutch rod. Prior to 72 they are prefixed with CD and after 72 CC78001. Prior to 72 they are prefixed with CD and after 72 start with CC78001. I have a quandry. The number stamped on that boss on my transmission is "D 21 E 71". This does not fit any of the supposed "proper" numbers. Later models (I assume after 72) have the number on top of the starter bulge. I did not see a number at that location, but need to make a more thorough examination to ascertain that I do not have a later transmission in my 71 -6. Moreover the number stamped on the boss on the left hand side is...well...upside down!! Maybe there is another number that I've not yet discovered. Anyone have any ideas about this?
Doug Baker

It was years ago but the only # I found on my 71 was funky

This thread was discussed on 04/08/2007

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