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Triumph TR6 - GL-4 in Canada

Hi All,

Where can a soul find GL-4 gear oil in Canada, preferably in the Niagara region? All of the usual suspects carry GL-5 only. When I changed my clutch two years ago it could only be found in the US...any leads?

I see Amsoil has a GL4 synthetic....any opinions?

Rob Brophy

Rob, I get GL4 from NAPA here in the states. They sell the Stalube brand, and they sell online. Bob Hunt
rch Hunt

Thanks Bob,

Looks like I will have to cross the border to find some.

We have NAPA in Canada but they don't compare to their southern cousins...every NAPA I visited up here told me to just use GL-5, it's 'one' better than GL-4. Sheesh.

Rob Brophy

From the "2009 archives," there was a thread titled "Engine Oil" that deeper in the thread touched on transmission fluids. From that thread in response to another Canadian facing the same GL-4 availability issue:
If your car is a non-OD one, you might want to consider Motorcraft's 75W-90 API GL-4 under part number XT-75W90-QGL or their full synthetic manual transmission fluid under part number XT-M5-QS. It is also a 75W90, GL-3 and GL-4 that was developed for the cars where Ford fitted German made manual transmissions that tended to be rather notchy. Take the part numbers with you to the Ford dealer to make sure you get the right stuff and not wind up with stuff for a differential. I use the XT-M5-QS in our (dare I say it) Miata. It lists for about 18 USD/qt.

If you have an overdrive car, think in terms of a 20W50 or a straight 30wt non-detergent racing oil.

Redline MT90 is, by its own admission, a GL4. It is readily available. I put it into my tranny a couple of years ago, and it smoothed out the shifts. It also now occasionally pops out of second gear, indicating the onset of a common issue, but hopefully the slick synthetic will slow down the need for repairs.

A. J. Koschinsky

I found synthetic GL4 at Napa here in Canada.

I also found at a GM dealer, a manual transmission fluid listed as GL4. However, this was $18.00 a litre.


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