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Triumph TR6 - Glue down carpet or the ones with snaps?

Do you guys recommend the carpets that just glue down or the ones with snaps? I'm getting ready to replace my windshield and to redo my seats, and carpets will be next on my 71 TR6.

Thanks for any advice.
John Bryan

The floormats in the footwells should be secured with snaps. If you need to pull your trans tunnel out.....for whatever don't wanna have to fight glue. Take my word on that!

I think the better kits will have snaps on the mats that are on the floor. Many pieces did glue in, but I don't think the floor mats should have anything but snaps.

Rod Nichols

Some use velcro

John... don't forget to consider the heat shield and sound deadening stuff before you lay carpet. You can buy it in a roll and cut to suit... then lay in your carpet sections. I used a 3M spray adhesive that holds well but will let go if ever there was a need.

I agree with Rod on the tranny hump and tunnel. Access to OD wiring, reverse light switch, handbrake light switch, etc. could be required down the road.

I don't think you were referring to floor mats which we all agree are removable dress and protection.

Ken Shaddock

Don't glue the carpet down John

As Rod, Don and Ken indicate if and when you need to access that area pulling up glued carpet is a drag.

I used the button down ones and I am glad. Because after I rebuilt my car, there was a small un noticable leak at the heater core hose connection inside the car. And anti freeze soaked the underside of the carpet on the passenger side. I was able to remove and clean/dry the carpet as a result. I have also had to remove the tranny cover twice since the rebuild in 2005.

I glued in heat shield sound proofing material (water proof) in the underside of the tranny cover to add more sound deadening.
Michael Petryschuk

Thanks. On to my next question for you guys.
John Bryan

This thread was discussed between 05/01/2011 and 06/01/2011

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