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Triumph TR6 - Good Advice Re: Thrust Washers

I thought some of us may find this interesting...
I found it regarding MG's but I'm sure it applies to Triumphs.
"When starting your engine from cold, on cars equipped with a manual transmission, you should have the transmission in neutral and your foot OFF the clutch. Why ? When you depress the clutch pedal you place a very direct force onto the crankshaft thrust washers, and with no oil pressure in the cold engine, more rapid wear than needed or desired will be effected on the dry thrust washers. This wear will not be as great on an engine that has recently been operating, with all the parts well coated with oil, but it is still a good idea to get into the habit of always starting the engine with the transmission in neutral and your left foot OFF the clutch pedal."

I know a lot of people ( me included) get in the habit of putting the shifter in neutral and still put the clutch pedal
Charlie Ballard

Sounds logical even for a 6. Glad I am in the habbit of neutral and no clutch...I always make sure she is in neutral with a wiggle of the stick.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed on 20/03/2003

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