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Triumph TR6 - Good day my fellow Geese, exhaust header question

Hello folks and others,

I've just come into possession of a tube header for a TR6 (I believe).

I think it's for the later model TR6.

Is it the same as a GT6? How can I tell for sure what model it's for.

What is the TRUE meaning of life in the fast lane.

Good day to all my friends, old and new.

Jim Deatsch

Hi Jim
Do not know answer to your ?
But HI!
Rick Crawford

Good day Rick,

Hope all is well in the nest and that the 6 gave you hours of enjoyment this past driving season.

I do hope someone knows the answer to my question.

Jim Deatsch

Hi Jim

I am not sure if there is a difference between GT6 and TR6 headers, and if there is I don't know exactly how you would tell, I am afraid. From what I understand the inlet manifolds are different for early/late TR6 so I would assume that the inlet manifold spacing for the GT6 would be the same as an early TR6, but I am not sure. I have never seen anything to say that the exhaust manifold spacing was different on any of the 6 cylinder engines.

I do have my late TR6 head and manifold sitting on my workbench, though, so if you want any measurements from those just let me know - I'll be more than happy to get away from my work for a bit!

A Hewitt

Talk about long time away. On to your header question. The exhuast port spacing is the same on the 2.0L and both the wide (late carb and all PI) and narrow (early carb) intake port 2.5L engines so exhaust port spacing isn't really going to help differentiate.

Do you have any idea as to brand of header as this can come into play. For example the Pacesetter headers were one piece six into one collectors for the 2.0L and the early TR6 carb 2.5L engines (narrow) while the later 2.5L carb engines (wide) were double three into collectors if I am remembering correctly but the bend pattern is slightly different due to frame configuration differences between the cars.

The Falcon brand out of the UK was for either the late or early carb 2.5L motor uses two piece manifold set with three in to one collectors with the difference between early and late being the use of twin pipes off the collector (wide) or a third two into one pipe (narrow). The GT6 uses a single piece manifold consisting of two three into one and following two in to one collector.

There are other brands out there too but those are the only two brands where i remember any specifics.
Steve Pike

Thank you ever so much fellows.

Steve was spot on with his information and I DO appreciate it.

Now to find a willing buyer. <G>

Jim (late of Corvette fame, FINALLY in my advancing years)
Jim Deatsch

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