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Triumph TR6 - gratifying

Had the chance to drive another TR6, same model year as my own, original except for emission junk, in good mechanical condition. Wow,all the incremental improvements I have made add up. The 'original' TR6 was a 'dog' by comparison. My car is so fast and responsive and I did'nt think I'd done that much. Just so nice to know when you've achieved something - not always easy to tell without a yardstick. The other guy wants his car to perform like mine, and is willing to spend the money. Will be a fun job. Peter G
Peter Gooch


Sounds like you've got a good one. Mind sharing some of the things you've done which you think contributed the most to the overall improvement of your 6's performance?

Jim Vandenberg

Not that much really, which is why the surprise.
13# flywheel (PRI)
Raised compression, but only to 8.5 CR because of the garbage fuel we have today (was 7.75)
Vac advance conversion by Goodparts (from vac retard)Big difference !
Hardened seats, bronze valve guides.
Pertronix electronic ignition PLUS bypassing the ballast resistor for a full 40.000V spark and regapping plugs to 0.45" to take full advantage.
Jim Swarthout's 1.75 to 1 roller rockers. Big improvement and excellent value.
Setting timing for best performance, no figure available - just what works best, but definately quite advanced from specs.
All suspension rebushed with urethane, and set up accurately.
Think thats it in terms of upgrades but entire car mechanically rebuilt - runs and drives like a dream.
Drive her any time I can.
Do intend to install lower springs, lower profile tires,stiffer sways and rear tube shocks at some point.
Peter 74 TR6 Oct 73 build date
Peter Gooch

This thread was discussed between 09/05/2004 and 13/05/2004

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