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Triumph TR6 - Greetings

Really glad I found you guys. Ive been messing with TR's for thirty years and never hit a forum before. My current ride is a 76 TR6 with OD bought new in Aug 76. It has been maintained to a high level and has achieved 384 points in concours judging by VTR. It is my 4th TR6. Several engine driveline mods have been completed to bump the middle rev range power including, high lift cam, double valve springs, tubular pushrods, 3 way grind on valves, polished and ported head, shaved to 9.5 - 1 ratio. Car runs strong. Looking forward to share and receive info with all of you. Current project a complete o'haul on front/rear suspension, competition coils, new shocks, polyurethane bushes,rear anti-roll bar. Specing out Panasport 16 x 7 wheels and 225-50wr-16 tyres, (Kumho or Yokahama's) should lower the car about 1.5 to 2" overall.

PS. I also want to share a public thank-you to R Crawford for referrimg me to this forum
B.R. Horne

Welcome BR,

you'll find this a dandy group of folks.

Jim (your neighbor to the south)
Jim Deatsch

Hey, B.R. Great to have you here. Sounds like you have quite a Winter project in store! One comment - I really like polyurethane bushings in most applications - installed them about 8 years ago and not a single worry. But some of the kits came with really bad metal sleeve "bearings" that were nothing more that drilled out pipe. I mean the inner surface was really rough, and I could only see it locking up on the particular bolt it was destined for. I trashed those and went with bronze bearings instead. I recommend the same - if you need measurements for them, I have 'em.

Also, I found it better to back off from replacing ALL rubber with polyurethane. Specifically, the front & rear shock bushes are still rubber as are one bush on the front anti-sway bar links and 2 on the back links (the supports are P.U.). This seems to provide a little more "give" on cornering, and helps correct the oversteer. In my case, anyway...

'73 TR6 that grips the road
Brent B

Hi Brian


Don't let the Goose stuff fool you were real serious folks??????

Watch when our southern buddies start talking driving in Caribean breezes in January then things get silly...:)

Bill Brayford


Someone let a goose loose in here, so be careful where you step!

Don from NJ
D Hasara

You are welcome and thank you for registering so quickly ( you would have been given a hard time if you had not:). I am glad you are a ' sounds like I would of had competition at Bronte.
Did you fellas notice he is an original owner?
Yup, sounds like a good winter project(s). From your experience with TRs, I am sure you will be adding to many a thread. Welcome aboard.

NOTE: Brian has asked me about a triple stromberg set up. Has anyone done this or remember a past thread on this subject?

Hay Bill, Brian is just around the corner from you and Brian belongs to a British car club (tri-city)that meets once a month. Brian says they partake in a few wabbly pop at a pub....not something you would be interested in:) Bill do you know did you know his first must know him.

Brian...sorry I for got to mention the rescent flock of goose comments.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Ok Bill so I see how you knew Brians name.
Sneaky of you Brian posting before your Greetings:)
Rick Crawford

Yep - I have a triple ZS set-up. I'll send a pict if you'd like to take a gander...

'73 TR6
Brent B

Richard Good has a nice set-up for triple Strombergs.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Yeah Rick, and el. I saw the undercoat when I 1st entered as a lurker! Could not resist the Avon -SSS advice, no mosquitos in my engine bay! HaHa...
BTW Goose ...t whats the deal with our fine feathered friends
B.R. Horne

Hi Brian

As Rick mentioned if your in Guelph we may have met. Kitchener and Cambridge not sure but likely admired going by.. Have had my blue 72 since 83.

Not much of a club person and as Rick well knows I feel wobbley pops and serious car work get in the way of one another :) Might be the reason my frame off is taking forever? HMMM never thought of that.

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 28/10/2003 and 30/10/2003

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