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Triumph TR6 - Gunson ColorTune and other points

I got one of those Gunson ColorTune things, and it is pretty cool. The 71 was definitely running way too rich, according to the directions. I leaned up the carbs and got the color to where the directions say it should be, but I haven't been out for a drive yet. Before I do, I want to follow Jim's advice and tighten the adjustment all the way down, then back off about 2 flats and work from there. It wasn't too hard.

An interesting side note was that my temp gauge got over half way for the first time. In normal driving, it hits about the 1/3 mark. I drove about 10 miles and then took the air filter off and stuck the Colortune in. The car was probably idling off and on for maybe 20 minutes while I played with the carbs and the colortune, and I noticed some mild steam coming up from somewhere in the front of the engine compartment, behind the front carb somewhere. I checked the temp and it was probably past the 3/4 mark. Unfortunately, my wife and I had to go somewhere, and I was really just intending on seeing how the colortune worked, so I didn't get much further. If I feel like it tonight, I may do more, but that means removing the colortune, putting the air filters back on, driving around a bit, removing the air filters, and putting the color tune back in. And it really gets hot under that hood when you are messing with the carbs!

Still learning and having fun, John.
JL Bryan

The neat trick is to find a buddy that has a Color-tune, and put one in cyl #2, the other in #5. You can match the carbs up very easy that way! Not nearly as much time slaving away over that hot engine!
My experience with the Color-tune is a tendency to run a little lean, so be cautious of that.

Rod Nichols

I've a "Colortune" kit and have used it. It's OK, IMO, but I prefer "reading the spark plugs" to get the mixture right. Especially since the triple ZS conversion.

'73 TR6
Exorsizing the brake master cylinder
Brent B


TWO TURNS, not "two flats".

The 'flats' are the 'fine' adjustment. Start at two turns from 'snug' NOT TIGHT.


Take it from one who learned the hard way.

Jim (the mixture is just right, on the car)
Jim Deatsch

Jim, as usual, you are right. I started out at 2 or 3 flats from dead out tight, and ended up adjusting it quite a bit more. I am happy to report that, after about 2 hours, the mixture on both carbs seems better. Both on the Colortune and on the test where your raise the little thingy abut 1/16 of an inch. It runs really well right now. The biggest problem I had was getting the air filters back on with the gaskets in place. I ended up using gasket goop to hold them in place until I could get the air filter thing bolted back on. The good news is that it runs really nice, with no misses or hesitation or anything. My wife and kids think I am nuts, but they at least had the good sense to congratulate me after I came in all sweaty after my test drive.

Now, I have a bit of a whistle that I think is an air leak somewhere. And, I am pretty sure my upper engine needs new valve guides, but I am afraid that is out of my current abilities. The car runs great, looks great, and if it uses a bit too much oil and fuel, I can live with that until I get someone to fix it or get bold enough to do it myself.

Did I mention that our highs are still in the upper 80's and our evenings are in the low 70's or high 60's? Perfect weather for a top down cruise! I love driving that beast right now and look forward to the next or 7 months of really wonderful weather.

Peace, John.
JL Bryan

Ok, that's it. He abused (indirectly) those of us who are living in the frigid north.

Off with his head!

Hey John, oil is cheap. Valve guides aren't (at least having the head done isn't).

The whistle is BACK? Hmmmmmm. Maybe the goose likes that tune.

Jim Deatsch

This thread was discussed between 27/10/2003 and 28/10/2003

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