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Triumph TR6 - Gunst Bearing and LUK Clutch


At the begining of September I posted requesting assistance re Gunst Bearing instructions in English. I received various responses for which I was very grateful. Also a request to report back on the clutch after fittment.

Just to clarify I have fitted; Gunst Bearing sourced from Hr Gunst in Germany, LUK cover plate 122-0035-10 (Which is the saloon spec plate, good for 200BHP+ but softer on the thrust bearings than the LUK specified unit for the TR6, this is Hr Gunst's reccommended cover plate), and LUK driven plate 322-0135-16. Fitted with dowel pins in the bellhousing and the bear grease supplied as detailed in the instructions.

Well - Trip to Rimini-Italy for the TR Register Euromeet, via 3 Swiss passes the highest at 7,400ft, then to Greece (via ferry) for a 5 day tour, and back to the UK. 3,122 miles, 28mpg (on a PI not driven slowly) and I have nothing to say about the clutch. It is a clutch!!. It does not squeak, catch, slip, or do anything other than being a clutch!! I do not propose to take the car apart to have a look at it and I trust it will carry on being a clutch for the next lots of miles.

Not much to report then.

Picture is my car at one of the hotels in Greece.



T Sharp

Car looks nice....does the clutch pedal feel any different from before ??
Charlie B.


Certainly smoother, possibly a bit lighter, My wife seems happy that whilst it is heavier than her MX5 (Mita) it is not uncomfortably heavy. Bite point is now away from the floor but that will have been helped by drilling out oval pedal and master cylinder holes and putting in snug oversize clevis pin.


T Sharp

Thanks for the fedeback, Tim. SOunded like a great tour in the TR6!

I fitted the Sachs clutch and Koyo bearing this spring and have also been pleased with the action. The clutch that I removed was a Borg & Beck which had an extrememly heavy feel - to the point of being unpleasant to drive.

BJ Quartermaine

This thread was discussed on 09/10/2007

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