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Triumph TR6 - hard start when hot

I drove my 6 on Sunday for an hour or two in mid 80 degree heat and parked to get a bite to eat. We were in the restaurant for about 35 minutes or so. Went out to start the car and it just cranked and cranked, put the pedal to the floor and it finally sputtered to life and blew a little smoke. Stopped again a little later and it did it again, this time the pedal to the floor didn't help. Starts OK cold, just hot giving me trouble. Any suggestions out there?
RJ Jio

You are still welcome to CDII if you want it.

As to your current problem: fuel pump going south....but starts OK when cold.
Vapour lock in one of the carbs? Chokes are not partially on are they?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

As temp goes up the electrical system won't work as well . Check your coil too.

I'm picking up the parts to do tune up on Saturday. We'll see if this helps or if I need to dig further.
Rick, I would appreciate a copy of the CD if possible to get.
RJ Jio

I've had the same problems. Mine even stopped driving is traffic jam. With me, it was the vapour lock Rick mentioned.

Insulated the fuel line going around the engine, wrapped the exhaust manifold, installed carb heat shields and replaced the fuel pump to the one with a "handpump" as the original ones, so you can pump the fuel arround manually. No problem since.
But the vapour lock normally accurs in extreem heat. If it happens every time the engine is hot, it sound more like an electrical problem. (coil?)

Good luck fixing it :)
Eric de Lange

You need to e-mail me so I can send you the WEB site and login name to download it.
Remove AT and DOT from my e-mail.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

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