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Triumph TR6 - Hard Top - Best Way to Sell?

Hello folks...

In BC (Delta area) I have a restored, French Blue, Hard Top that I do not think I will use plus, I'm in Ontario and I think it will cost $500 to ship it here. I'm thinking of selling it. What publications would you recommend? The mag I get is RagTop, the club magazine for the Toronto Triumph Club so the readership is primarily Ontario based.

Thank you,


Note. The top was a factory original for my car [76 6], was taken down to bare metal, then primed and painted Code 126. The finishing / attachment parts such as a headliner if there should be one, are missing. If there's interest I'll send pix.
Ken Shaddock


Big shame you could not get it back. Anyway try Len Drake (Drakes Motors) 250-763-0883

lw gilholme

Excellent idea Les. I'll try him.

Ken Shaddock

They go for big bucks on eBAy

Used Victoria or used are some good local places to advertise, also the Western Driver magazine has a British car parts section. Kijijji . com (sp) is another good one to use as well.
Mitch Smith

Thanks Mitch, Don. I'll check those options. Les, Len was not in need of one at this time.
Ken Shaddock

Sold... actually I traded it for parts and some help with suspension. My car rides like a buckboard so I need to do a make-over. Poly bushes, coils, shock conversion, yada...

Thanks for all the advice!

Ken Shaddock

I feel so bad that you have to do all this stuff after having a car built for you ! it's not right !
Hope we can help along the way..
Charlie B.

Hey Charlie... if I focus on how badly this thing went down I get too upset so I'm moving on as long as weather permits. I'm also doing some legal research too re compensation. I think I've spent $5,000+ on repairs and parts (over what I paid for the car) so far to get the car safe and closer to where it should have been. Still have a long way to go to suit me though. It's a bad scene but I love working on the car and learning about all this stuff. Trying to stay positive. Thanks for the support!

Ken Shaddock

This thread was discussed between 18/09/2008 and 24/09/2008

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