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Triumph TR6 - Hard top - how much to pay?


Probably, in a couple of days I will be the owner of a 72 TR6.

I am interested in having a hardtop at hand for next winter. As far as I know, it is possible to get a new fibre-glass hardtop with perspex windows, or to look for a metal (steel or aluminium?) specimen with glass windows.

How much should I expect to pay for any of them? What should be its colour be? Black or body colour?


Jesus Benajes

Second hand they run anywhere from 350 us to about 800 us. (pop up on e-bay every now and then, but shipping will kill you)
The original TR6 hardtop is much more esthetic then the aftermarket kits...

Body color

Bob Craske

Thanks, Bob for your quick answer.

Is that price for an aftermarket or for a works hard top?

Jesus Benajes

I think Bob is referring to the factory hardtop, which is steel, and as he says, painted body colour originally. As he says it is a heavy and bulky item to ship.
I haven't seen aftermarket tops but I do like the idea of painting the top white for a red, green or blue car, maybe black for a yellow TR6,I had that combination once.
Simon Rasmussen

factory hardtop...second hand...usually needs a new liner and some of the hardware not a cheap endeavor to say the least, that said, they look great and add some structural integrity to the car too..and water gets into the car either..quite a concept for a British car.

Bob Craske

My Bro in Law was said he was thinking of selling his factory hard top,it's off a 76 and red in color. I'll check

I paid $500 for mine and drove from Indiana to Ohio to get it. They are heavy and just fit in back of a little Toyota pick up. One part almost imposible to find is a new rear window rubber seal I got mine from It was an original with dust. Cost close to $90.00 with shipping. Good luck, I think they look good.
Dick Porter


Can you get your BIL to mail me photos..i would love a HT for my baby

Bob Craske

Here is an Ebay link for an after market hard top. Looks funny.
Eric de Lange

I have seen an after market HT in the sales books from the BIG suppliers. Around $1500.00 if I recall. Yes, looks funny. You have to paint.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

That aftermarket HT is UGLY. My TR6 V-8 buddy here has one for sale but I wouldn't give him $200 Bucks for it. The original TR6 HT truly is a thing of beauty.

'76 - 6
Bob Evans

Rimmer Bros in the UK sell an aftermarket lightweight hardtop made by Lenham. It is made from composite material c/w headlining & fittings it costs 497 + carriage. It is finished in black with a 'grainy' surface.
The works metal hardtops appear regularly on UK Ebay and don't sell for a lot of money, say 100 to 250 depending on condition but again carriage would be your problem. The headlinings seem to be a problem with them, quite often they're marked or damaged and coming from the UK rust can be a problem as well.
They also tend to make an already noisy car even worse!!
R. Algie

i own a 72 tr6. great car, love it. Mechanicly in top shape but need some body work ( rust )/ restoration.

looking for a very reliable body shop in the toronto area. possibly to do a complete restoration ?

any ideas etc

Ira Tytel

Shipping (carriage) is significantly reduced in the US by using Greyhound. It's just about as big as you can get in the luggage compartment on a bus, but I have done it, and saved considerably over truck freight. Not only that, the top didn't have to share space with engine blocks or other heavy items on the trip. The seller has to be agreeable to deliver to the nearest bus station, however. Hope this helps hardtop buyers and sellers out there.

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