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Triumph TR6 - Head Room

Does anyone know whether a TR6 would have more headroom than a Spitfire? I have been thinking about buying a Triumph for several years, and am now ready to get serious about looking, but I'm 6'3" tall. I've sat in a Spitfire, but my head rubs on the top.
Mike Koranda

Betwen the Spitfire and the TR6, I'd go for the TR6 for the looks, the size, the power, the exhaust note, etc.

As for the top, do as I do !

Don't use the top. Leave it in the "boot". In 12 years of summer driving (67,000 miles since 1990), my top has only been up for about 2,500 miles. I keep it in a warm dry garage winters and when I'm not using it. On a 10-day trip (1900 miles) this June to Ohio (I was camping), it rained every night but my tonneau cover kept the interior dry and my tent kept me dry - the top was only up while I drove Kas Kastner's wife Peggy around the Mid-Ohio track because she asked for the top to be up. My trip in July to VTR in Red Wing, Minnesota was over 2900 miles (10 days) and the top was up for only 3 hours (during the concours judging) - the rest was top-down driving.

Buy the TR6 - forget the top. Just drive it. That's what they were made for ! If you were out in a sailboat and it started to rain, would you stop and put the top up ? So why do people in sportscars fear the rain ?

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A.

Don Elliott

I totally agree with Don as to driving with the top down. But if you are caught in the need to have it up the headroom is very good, I am just over 6' and don't have a problem, leg room for me is just adequate however with a 33" inseam, more of a pain is the narrow pedal box for larger feet/shoes. But if you want an LBC then don't worry about that either I have learned to live with them both and really enjoy driving mine.
Keith 1972 TR6
KBD Dixon

DOn, you really disgust me!
Don K.

Ha Don K
If u got your 6 out of the garage and running then maybe u would not be as jealious. Besides, I am sure u get at least a handfull of days per year where it does not rain:)
As usual, Don E. looks at the problem and gives the definitive answer.
Ha Don K, e-mail me off is the project comin along?
Mike, I agree on the 6 over the spit. Here is a case of being vertically challenged has its benifit.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

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