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Triumph TR6 - Header Fitment and Quality

Any recommendations and/or feedback on header quallity and fitment? As soon as my head is back from the machine shop my engine is going back in and I want to help her flow a bit better in hopes of assisting the other mods performed.
DWS Smith

As someone that has been more than willing modify these cars for performance, it is my opinion that headers don't really buy you much on the TR-250/TR-6 if you have the later style carb/all PI twin outlet exhaust manifold. With the early single outlet, it gets you something, but IMHO, you'd be better off just switching over to the later exhaust manifold. If you match up the ports of the manifold to the ports on the head (make sure you do the gasket too) you will find that it flows very well.

Even with the headers, you still need to do the port matching and from a fit up standpoint they run very close to the frame rail and restrict access to the starter. If you have a motor mount collapse and the TR-6 isn't known for its robust motor mounts, you can pretty much rest assured that the headers will hit the frame rail and result in failure at that point over some relatively short period of time.

Steve - Thanks for the information. I have heard that from a few folks so far. I do have later dual outlet setup and have/and am still considering staying with it. Another reason for considering the header route is the weight factor. I have removed over 40lbs from my motor with after market parts and am always willing and looking to remove more anyway I can. The stock manifold is a very heavy item.
DWS Smith

As Steve said, if you don't have anything else done to the motor,stick with the stock.
What's his name ,the TR6 racer, says the stock is quite good.

Don, here is a little more info about my set-up...
GP2 cam, 20 over, 9.25-1, roller rockers, tripple SU's, flame thrower voltage, balanced crank and pulley and Fidanza flywheel. I think a header may help a little but I really am looking to continue to shave weight off my car. I just about blew a human gasket bringing my exaust manifold down from the attic last week due to the weight of the son of a gun... At the same time I am concerned about some horror stories I have read about the difficulty in mounting a header can be. The only good reports seem to come from the guys who are ruunning with the Pace Setter unit but they complain about how fast they rust out....I believe you had some fun with a Falcon system back a while?
DWS Smith

Then why the heck don't you have headers yet?
Only real thing you have to be worried about is that the flange is straight. Either take it somewhere to check ,or, do it yourself.
I have the Triumph Tune from Moss UK many years ago.

Other than that should be no problem

Is this a different Don kelly or did you not post this ?

One more thing. I just spent 2 agonizing days fitting Falcon stainless steel headers to that motor .My suggestion, buy a different product. Any company who spends the time and money to develope a part for a motor and does not build it to fit shows a lack of concern for its clients. I don't run my business that way and I don't think they have a clue. No thanks to the supplier on tech help either.


My objective is to get honest feedback from folks that have been down this road...
DWS Smith

When the hell did I post that?

Well, I just looked it up.
I can't remember my fitment problems to the head. The only problems I had was the mid pipes fitting. AND THEY STILL DON"T FIT and are hanging on the wall in the garage.

I do remember that the original starter is a bugger on those headers. They fit around it but I suggest strongly to purchase a new starter from TSI (anybody want a rebuilt factory starter).

My suggestions is to contact someone with the trip set up you have and the header purchase you do.
Contact me and I'll line you up with someone if no one here has that combination.

I have the same 6 into 2 Falcon ss header and it is a bugger to get in. When I did my engine a few years ago I also put in one of Ted S. small starters, made life less difficult, than it would have been with a stock starter. When I took the carbs off to be rebuilt 2 years ago, I also took off the headers to wrap them with header wrap. Made the fit a little tighter. Everthing is working good now though, hopefully won't have to take them off again for a long time.
rw loftus

DWS Smith,
Sounds like you've got a lot invested in your engine. That being said, IMHO every upgrade you do should be towards whatever goal you want to accomplish with your TR. When modifying my tr, I always ask myself: "does the sum of all my modifications achieve my goal?" "Is this modification worth the $$$?" As for the headers, my experience is that it's a pain in the a.. to install, but once done, it does affect the breathing of the engine a little and shaves some off the weight. I agree with Steve in that it doesn't buy you much. But, again, it's about the sum of all alteration done to the car and I find it worth it towards my overall goal. As for the Pace Setters, I'm going on 6 years with mine and don't have a problem with rust in the wet and moist Pacific Northwest. But I also keep my car under covers in a dry garage. I believe you shouldn't worry to much about that issue down in your dry climate of Az. Lastly, Pace Setters are loud and proud! It takes about 5k miles to build up enough carbon in the exhaust system to quite them down.

I bought TR6 modif by Kasner and it is mentioned original manifold is adequate for TR6.
To an header if you go free-flow exhaust route, which are always noisy; my pref. is for ANSA system as they are a very good quality product. I did not had a good experience with Monza.
Now my TR6 has a Stebro SS ( * expensive) and is also too noisy to my taste.


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Thanks Guys for all of the suggestions and information. I found a local Pacesetter distributor that sells the pacesetter for about $189.00 which is really a good deal so I may go this route. I think what I will do is perform any gringing or fitting if needed with my cylinder head on a stand before putting the engine back in. FYI... I also found a company PRI (Performance Reasearch Industries) that sells manifold gaskets that are a bit thicker and don't burn up as fast as well. A guy in the local club swears by them...
DWS Smith

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