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Triumph TR6 - Headlight Plugs

Hi guys,
While waiting for my new headlight aimer / adjuster screws I decided to clean up the pots ect and the wiring. I've discovered that wiring on the drivers side has been "re-done" with other wires and a different plug than the passenger side. The wiring on the passenger side is for ground, blue/white tracer for high beam and blue/red tracer for low beam. Both grounds hook-up to different spades on the lamps so I'd like to make them both correct..if looking at the plug from the side that goes onto the bulb looks like this __
] [

I believe the top one should be ground... if someone who happens to have theirs apart could confirm the wiring for me. I checked Dan's book but the actual plug configuration is not shown.
thanks in advance
Charlie B.

Sorry the "diagram" is supposed to be a vertical with a horizontal down on each won't load that way
[ ]
Charlie B.

Went out and looked in the spares/electrical and could not find on..though I had one.
If you do not get an answer or you just can not wait:) ..a way of determining this would be to OHM out the circuit back to the floor high beam switch. You will need to extend your meter leads with one double ended aligator cliped extension wire. A handy gizmo for any tool box.
Off the dip switch, UW(Blue/White) is high and UR(Blue/Red) is low beam. I hazzard a guess that the top pin is as you say the Black ground.

GGEESS Charlie, If you really want to have fun with a TR, you can always come up and work on a bigger project:)
Rick C
P.S. found the 2 OE battery hold downs if interested.
Rick Crawford

Thanks Rick,
I know which wires are which, I need to know the plug configuration especially the ground
I made my own hold downs..
How's the engine rebuild coming ?
Charlie B.

Was under the impression you had different colour of wires on the driver side.
" I need to know the plug configuration especially the ground". Would they not be exactly the same as the passenger side?
"Both grounds hook-up to different spades on the lamps...." That does not make sense! I would think your passenger side is the correct configuration since it is OE and the driver side has been changed by the DPO.

Remember I said to you last year as we where comming down the Beaver Valley Road that your head lights where not aimed properly. Maybe one was/is wired high beam the other low...intersting.
Yup, I know you made up a pair of holders. Found them today while looking for a head light socket and thought you might want a pair of originals. Not in as good a shape as what you have now:)

Waiting for Scott's thrust washers. Engine has been line bored because of new main cap. He can only send snail mail. Maybe next Thursday. Sitting waiting so have been painting the heads of bolts and taking AUTOSOL to others. New throwout bearing and carrier and new clutch fork pins...where kinda flat on the important side:)
Head spray painted Gloss Black, intake a nice High Heat "chrome" colour, exhaust painted HH black but that will not last:) I even painted the tranny with the chrome paint. You could say I am anxious to get the block back. Hay...can not go for a ride anyway with all this new snow...and John in FL complains about it going down to 50F.
If I get it back by Thursday afternoon then could have it ready to go back in for Sunday AM.
Will let you know when it is in.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Hi Rick,
I can only assume the passenger side is original but I'm not sure since the ground side is on a vertical and I'm told by a mechanic that on 3 prong bulbs the top horizontal is typically ground.I need to be sure bfore I solder and tape it all up. Yes I agree I think I've been driving with one high and one low on due to some PO quality work !
Sounds like you'll be motoring soon !!
Charlie B.


Looking at the plug from the back, or wiring side, the low beam is the top, the high beam is the right, and the ground is the left (the low beam is horizontal, and the other two are vertical).

E-mail me with your e-mail address and I'll send you a drawing.
Dan Masters

Dan- Beat you to the punch. Charlie,you can thank Dan for the nice drawing I e-mailed you. Took me a while to figure how to go from an Acrobat page to a Winword page.

Thanks to Don for sending the diagram....the drivers side was hooked up wrong by a previous owner while the pass side was corrrect.
Thanks to all
Charlie B.

Figures Mr. Masters would have the info at hand.

Now when I am in front off you Charlie and looking in my "where I have been" mirror I can have both eyes open:)

That is why we call them DPOs.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

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