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Triumph TR6 - Heat Shield

As some of you know, when time & weather permit, I am installing a new wiring harness in my '76 TR6. I now have it in place and I'm starting to connect everything up(I found a few more errorsin the new harness..fortunately I can fix them). At the starter solenoid, the old harness had been wrapped up in electical tape, and I would assume it was there to protect (yeah) the wires from the heat coming off my header. Can anyone suggest a real solution to protect the wires? Are there heat shields for wires or can I wrap something around the one exhaust pipe? I've tried electronic & electrical supply shops and Can Tire but none has anything that would work.
Mati Holland

Maybe something like I used to insulate the metal fuel line around the block - a woven Nomex sleeve. Bought it from McMaster-Carr. I'm pretty sure several ID's are available.

Brent B


I have fitted a homemade heat shield to the starter. Under hot conditions, like switching the engine off waiting for an open bridge or stalling in a traffic jam, sometimes the starter would have a tendency of jamming.

I made a bracket from aluminum hook-line and sheet and riveted a tray of about 10x25 cm with an extension under 90 degrees of 10x10 cm. The tray was lined with an insulator called Eterniet, a cement type material. I strapped the tray to the bottom of the starter using adjustable stainless steel clamps.

The tray protects the bottom and rear end of the starter from heat exposure from the exhaust.


Erik Creyghton

Thanks Brent, Erik.

I did a seach and found a local Dupont supplier (hopefully retail) and hopefully I'll be able to get some Nomex through them this week.

While searching, I found the attached link
They have lots of interesting supplies and (Erik) a starter motor wrap?

I was also surprised to learn that no one recommends a header wrap for street use - containing the heat destroys the header. Ok for racing if you have a budget.

Mati Holland

Several general aviation aircraft suppliers sell heat shield material, hose jackets, anti-chafe tape, etc. & all sorts of good stuff. Try Aircraft Spruce & Specialty and Chief Aircraft.

Spruce's large catalog is a geat reference for high quality and hard to find bits.

Good luck, rgds, W

Mati,My appologies if I affend you,and have been wondering this since you joined. What gender are you? I know 2 people with that name, one of each. Once again ,no offence,just courious.
Don K.

Drives a TR6? Must be male. Excuse me - ALL male. =:^)
Brent B

I was born in Toronto but my family is from Estonia, how we got the last name is unknown, probably a sailor in port. If my last name were Katemaa or Saar or some other clearly "Estonia" name, my first name wouldn't stand out. Mati is not short for anything, it's full and proper as is, very common Estonian name. (Finnish spell it Matti - lots of hockey players etc)

Terrible name (combination) to grow up with in North America.

Doesn't get any better with age, now when visiting friends with kids named Mathew or Madisson it seems I'm always getting yelled at "maddy put that down" "maddy don't hit your sister". Makes me a little nervous.
Mati Holland

Mati- Very nice 2 step.
Don K.

Guys, Mati is quite definitely male, and in addition to his TR6 is a very fine gokart racer!
Team Triumph this year narrowly defeated the British Sports Car Club and Team MG at our annual challenge.

Thank you Simon
Don K.


Like your last name also, visit me when you are in the neighbourhood.

Erik Creyghton

I should point out that I suspect Simon has likely put more mileage on his TR250 taking Victory Laps than I did all of last year driving my car to work. Smok'n.
Mati Holland

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