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Triumph TR6 - Heater valve conundrum

Curious question. When installing the new heater valve on the head pipe to get the head pipe snug and the heater valve snug then the inlet pipe and cable fixture do not wind up in the right place. If I back it off to get it aligned it is too loose and leaks. If I use form a gasket #1 on the threads and get it aligned the movement of the cable breaks the seal because it is not "snug" Anyone else have this problem when changing the valve?
J.T. White

JT- Are you installing a stock style or one of the improved models

Stock one. I've got 2 pipes so I think I'm going to use a light coat of JB on the valve threads to get it in the position I want.

On a side note me and the Mrs were in Mt Pleasant a few weeks back for a wedding using wedding cars tunbridge wells at Boone Hall, beautiful area. Interestingly enough when we came down the bridge into Mt Pleasant from Charleston there was a British Car Show going on!
J.T. White

I was there. You should have stopped in.
Next time let me know.
Haven't been to Boone yet.
Wine under the oaks is on the 6th with Spiro Gyra and have contemplated that.

On the car heater. Went with the stock and not a better upgrade mod eh?

Yeah, for as much as I use the heater in NE Fl a new stocker will do for another 10 years. (well, maybe 9)

We would have stopped if we weren't running behind for the wedding. Believe me I wanted to!
J.T. White

For what I remember, one of the downfalls of the stock one is it's incapability of shutting all the way off.

In Florida, THAT would be a problem

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