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Triumph TR6 - Heavy Duty Clutch???


I just acquired a 1973 Triumph TR6. It's a very neat car, except the clutch is almost too strong to press. I had a TR6 years ago, and I didn't remember the clutch being this hard. The car seems to have been modified slightly, (mild street cam, header, and dual Webers). I was wondering if the previous owners may have added a stronger clutch. Maybe a competetion clutch. Does anyone else seem to have a REALLY stought clutch?? My wife couldn't even press this one to the floor.

Please advise.

Danny T.

Hi Danny
I think it is a case of what u see is what u get. TRs where notorious fo a very heavy clutch. Mine I have to press right to the fire wall and it is heavy. If you look back in articles about TR6s, you will see that this was a major complaint from the person reviewing the car ( not to mention "rear end squat"). Make sure you have bled all air out of hydraulic system. If you r getting good clutch action then it sounds like all components are OK. I do not know if a competition clutch is harder to press or not...maybe someone else knows the answer to this. Maybe you and your wife should consider leg exercises:)

I own a 1973 TR6 and can tell you that the clutch is NOT HEAVY. The action is stiffer than, say, a Honda Civic or something but really not all that heavy.

You could try an adjustment where the slave cylinder connects to the clutch fork arm.

Or it could be that the clutch is a competition version as you were mentioning. Competition clutches are usually heavier.

John Parfitt
John Parfitt

There is a very good article regarding TR6 clutch pressure plates on a web site devoted to the Minnesota Triumphs car club. I recommend that you read it. The author has found a problem with aftermarket Borg & Beck pressure plates. This may be the cause of your problem. Just search for "Minnesota Triumphs".
Good Luck,
John H. in Minneapolis.

John H.

This thread was discussed between 22/11/2000 and 16/12/2000

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