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Triumph TR6 - Hello Dolly (no not the sheep!)

Who makes and or sells to Joe Public industrial strength castor wheels. Trying to work out a suitable way of moving my TR7 shell around without suspension legs and axles.

I'm going to cross post this into the other car forums.

Can anyone reply via the TR7 forum please ?

Best Regards

Bob Blewitt

Multiple postings are a sin! So for your penance I'll answer here.
B&Q (For our US readers, not 'Bush & Quail', but a chain of DiY sheds) sell large bolt-on castors.
RS (aka RadioSpares) now sell general industrial hardware, and have five pages of castors in Volume 3 of their catalogue. Try 01536-201201.

I don't have website addresses for either, but I'm sure they exist

Many thanks for the info.
Never thought of RS, they are only up the road in Corby.
Ta Muchly.

This thread was discussed between 03/01/2002 and 04/01/2002

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