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Triumph TR6 - Help needed. Fuel Pump & Air Filter

hi and thanks in advance for any replies..

i own a tr6 69 make for quite a while and just started to renovate it.

as i'm not the first owner, it has been changed from pi to 3 weber 40 dcoe carbs but it does not work smoothly as it needs to be.

now i would like to change the fuel pump i need your advise what should it be. (Also last owner changed it and it doesnt pump fine)

My air filters on the weber carbs (i should have said practically it doesnt have any only, thin layer of wire) needs to change and what would u prefer it to be ...

best regards and thnx


ps: i live in istanbul turkey and what i know this is the only tr6 in this country .. so whatever i will need i have to order it through net.. i will apreciate your advise where to get them as well....
D Hillel

David-With a triple weber set up I would suggest an electric fuel pump. If you still have the PI set-up it might be worth some money .
Don K.

There could be a supplier somewhere in Europe but not sure. Maybe your choice could be Rimmer Bros. in England. Export sales (country code)441522 526200 or on-line
export e-mail: and WEB You can order a TR6 catalogue from them.
I think you will have a choice of air cleaners for the webers. Best choice would be K&N air filters which will last you the rest of your life but will cost you more than other types of filters. My '71 TR6 does not have PI or electric fuel pump so I leave this to others like Don. Hopefully some mates from England will jump in here as they are pretty well all PI. That is neat, you have only TR6 in your country. David keep in touch with us all here as you can not go to your friends and look at his TR6. Have fun..
Rick C
Rick Crawford

If running an electric fuel pump with Webers, you will probably also need to run an inline pressure regulator. For street car use, the stock mecahnical pump will feed the Webers. For air filters, use the 1.75 tall K&N filters for the Weber DCOE carbs. You will not be able to run the Weber air horns with the K&N filters. This leaves you with three choices.

1) Run the stock Weber with no filter or some sort of a foam sock filter.

2) Run K&N filters without air horns

3) Use non-Weber air horns with the K&N filter (my preference).

There is a company in California that sells a shorter air horn for the 40 DCOE that can be used with the 1.75" tall K&N filters. To clear the air horn diameter, you will need to use the filters for a 45 DCOE instead of the ones for the 40 DCOE. The size of the filter is the same, the holes in the mount plate are just a larger diameter. The link is

Thanks for the replies.

Today i installed a SU fuel pump from a jag e-type to my tr6 and for now it seems to work fine. If anything changes i'll let you know.

For the filters i haven't come up there yet. No way in turkey to find a k&n filters for webers...


D Hillel

This thread was discussed between 14/05/2002 and 20/05/2002

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