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Triumph TR6 - help! ngine pull

ok, so how is it easier to pull the motor with the tranny? ive tried for 6hrs, and nothing! ive moved it about 4 inches and cant get anything more. This car is driving me nuts. Any suggestions? and yes, everything is disconnected
SBF Fitzgerald

Did you disconnect the drive shaft?
Is everything out of the engine bay?
Are the motor and TRANNY mounts Undone.
Slave cylinder undone?
Easy then.

yeah don, everything is disconnected.the motor had the 2 i think it was and the tranny had the one in the back. Its almost as if the tranny is dragging on the exhaust/catching the firewall. Does that make sense to ya?
SBF Fitzgerald

Are the manifolds disconnected from the exhaust or are they there and just disconnected to the head?

It's not that hard to do. I did it with my wife's help many rears ago and she's not very mechanically inclined. You probably need another pair of eyes while you horse it out.

Do you have the engine angled? A load leveller makes it a lot easier. When I pulled the engine I did it alone and it went pretty easily. As I recall, I took the weight with the crane, then disconnected the mounts, which allowed the engine to come forward and down slightly, then angle the gearbox right down (probably past 45 degrees) then a lot of lift-a-bit, move-forward-a-bit, lift-a-bit, etc. until it is clear of the firewall, at which point I levelled it off a bit and went over the grille. If you are trying to do it without a way to adjust the angle of the engine I can see it would be a real pain - not sure how you would do it then.

A Hewitt

The tranny rear really has to be down.
Is the car on stands?

Don is right - you either need to lift the front (which leads to an even steeper angle and a higher lift to get over the grille), or you can lift the back end of the car, which would help if you are not using a load leveller, as it reduces the angle you need to get the engine tilted.
A Hewitt

When your done with yours . you can fly out and help me pull the motor on the Wedge

I'm with Don and A on this, it easier with the tail housing of the tranny down from a relative positional standpoint. My preferred method is bonnet removed, raise the front end, remove the wheels and set the front end down as far as I can get it and clear the legs on the engine hoist with my low stands. The rear is then raised as high as I can get and placed on stands.

The engine hoist is run in from the front in line with the engine. With everything disconnected (includes removal of the radiator and the cross bar that bolts to the frame just ahead of the engine), the chain set reasonably short at the lift eyes over the valve cover (if you've got a fancy cover you want to protect it by padding at the chain contact points)and the pick up point at about cylinder four, it should pick up a couple of inches, come forward a bit so the rear tranny mount bar so the tranny can drop down. After that, it just a matter of taking the engine up and over the radiator support sheet metal, raising the engine/transmission unit as needed.

The pick up point varies somewhat depending on whether or not you have an OD tranny and which flavor of OD. Also note that the OD housing is a bit trickier to get clear of the firewall and those bits hanging off the OD unit need to be kept under a watchful eye lest they be damaged in the process.

I've done this solo before, but given a choice it's always much easier with another pair of eyes and hands.

Yea, you didn't mention if you have OD

Ok I see the problem. The tranny isnt getting low enough because my exhaust pipes are in the way. I also have the J-type OD. Maybe after taking another look with a cool head after work, I can get it out. Yes I am working solo :-/
SBF Fitzgerald

Easier to drop everything and have a clear path.

well i got it out! it was stuck on on the mounts that I didnt pull out. So I just want to say thanks for the ego boost! so whats the easiest way to clean the engine and prep the engine bay for paint?
SBF Fitzgerald

This thread was discussed on 26/04/2011

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