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Triumph TR6 - Help please - K&N air filter test (link)

Gents - some time back, there was some discussiin on the benefits(?) of K&N air filters.

Someone had done a 'home-grown' test on a variety of filters and K&N had been shown to be no better than the OE filters, certainly in engine performance terms anyway.

I have trolled the archives and my thousand or so 'favoutrites' with no luck.

I was wondering if anyone still has this link??

Roger H

Hi Roger

Was this the one?

I will be coming to Sydney in a couple of weeks to visit my daughter - she moved to Australia in 200o and has just had a baby girl.


BJ Quartermaine

Hi Barry - I don't think it's actually the one I had in mind, but it is similar in results and very interesting in any case. Thanks for that.

Well done grandpop!! ;-) ;-) I hope Sydney turns on some better weather for you than it's been having lately - enjoy the trip. it's a bit far for a quick trip, but if you make it over to Western Australia we should have a beer.

Roger H

Found this one Roger... not sure if it is of use. Was what you are looking for within one of our TR6 Threads?

Ken Shaddock

Hey Roger... you got me curious so on my cyberhunt I found this within "John's Tool Box" at

Good luck!


"Air filters - K&N
Q. Wondering if K&N air and oil filters are worth it?
A. Unless you plan on making further performance modifications to your vehicle, stay with a factory- equivalent replacement part. You will most likely see little to no gain from the K&N, but you can wash and reuse the filter. If the idea of doing the cleaning instead of replacing the filter appeals to you, than you might consider one, but don't overlook that cleaning."
Ken Shaddock

Hi Ken

I seem to remember that it was referred to in one our long-gone threads but that is only a faint memory!!

Your link is along the same lines, but I couldn't find John's Tool Box link. No matter - I have got enough for the moment.

Thanks for your reply.

Roger H

This thread was discussed between 09/07/2007 and 12/07/2007

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