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Triumph TR6 - Hey! Merry Christmas Everyone

Well it might not be politicaly correct but Merry Christmas to everyone anyway. Besides, I kinda like
irritating people sometimes.
We have a foot and a half fresh snow at the moment,
the fridge is full of turkey leftovers and I just got heat in the garage as a present so me and the TR6 will
be spending some quality time together this winter.
Projects for this winter; Aux power outlet, Cruise control, Roll bar, Spax shocks, Lower front end by half an inch, Helicoils for the rear trailing arm studs and maybe a five point safety seat belt.
Yeah, and maybe one of those kits that allow you blow
8 ft. flames out the the exhaust pipes so you can start camp fires real easily. Just kidding about the last one but I've seen them and they are kinda cool.
Christopher Trace

And a Happy Holiday season to you, Christoper!

Maybe you can use the flame thrower to clear the driveway!

Wishing you all a productive "down time" for your cars. And a nice cool top down season for you southerners. There's no snow in Nebraska at the moment, that could change at any time. I'll probably drive my TR tomorrow. Happy New Year, too!!

Merry Xmas from across the pond.
R. Algie

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from New England 11" of fresh snow in the drive to dispose of so no street time for LBC's this week.
Keith Dixon

Merry Christmas is a good thing!

Sorry to hear about your snow. We had a cold wave come barreling through here the day after Christmas, and our high was only about 65. Thankfully, it warms up over the next few days.

Happy New Year now! My resolution is to spend more time with the TR6, driving it to work more and not just on weekends!

John from sunny South Florida!
JL Bryan

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. Cold wave?? 65 deg F. Wish we'd get a cold wave up here in Canada!! I'm reduced to going down to the garage & having a beer with my TR while adding antifreeze and gas stabilizer for the big freeze. At least somebody is enjoying their TR's. Enjoy 'em guys!

Bob Evans

This thread was discussed between 27/12/2004 and 31/12/2004

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