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Triumph TR6 - High power Triumphs!

Some Triumph vintage racers on the Triumph racing forum have recently been talking about power outputs and modifications necessary to keep the engine reliable. It seems that the US sanctioning bodies are more liberal about non period modifications than here in Canada, and the Brits even more so.
Here are a few recent items of interest:

1)Power outputs for racing TR6 engines seem to be 200 plus at the clutch, some as high as 220 bhp.
2) Competitive 4 cylinder cars are producing over 185 bhp, about 140 at the clutch.
3) Oil pump shafts have been failing at high revs, one recommendation was to set the pressure relief valve to limit oil pressure to 90psi at 7000 rpm, this also reduces power lost to driving the pump.
4)Rear disc brakes, lightweight multi-plate clutches and expensive forged cranks are quite common; it seems a competitive engine may have up to 100 hours of work ($5000?) in the cylinder head alone!

Not quite like our street cars!
Simon Rasmussen

A TR4 with 140 usable hp that revs to 7,000. Thats a ride I would like to take!
Not bad for a tractor engine, with OHV and (I assume)
a non-cross-flow head.

I'm away from home at the moment, so I can't quote exact figures, but get ahold of the last issue of Classic Motorsports.... has an article comparing a box-stock 69 TR6 against Richard Good's personal car. What I recall is the stock TR6 hitting about 75 HP at the rear wheels, and Richard's was double clear across the tach, redline @ 7000 or 7500???? Neat article, but watch for the next issue with a Kas Kastner interview, & Triumph vs MG at the Walter Mitty....we know how that comparison turns out here.....!

Rod Nichols

Rod, I haven't got the latest issue yet, it appears a bit later up here, but I was quite interested in the recent comparison of three 4 cylinder TR motors.
I was a bit surprised they showed 85 rear wheel bhp for a "stock" rebuilt engine, though with 87 mm pistons. Since they only got 65bhp from an MGB and 75 from a TR6 there was obviously a glitch somewhere.
Incidentally, my car, a TR4a with quite a few modifications, has produced a best figure of just under 100 hp at the wheels.
I am sure Chris Trace holds the record; has anyone else tested their cars?

> I am sure Chris Trace holds the record;

Okay I'll bite...
Record for what?
Lee Janssen

When I was in UK over a decade ago, Darryl Uprichard (Racetorations)had entered his TR3A in the Monte Carlo rally. The car was full rally prepared and, according to Darryl, the heavily engineered wet sleeved 4 cylinder engine put out 200bhp! It was beautifully done with only a few subtle giveaways visible - including a small 'T' handle poking out of the bodywork at each corner of the tub. Any one of these activated a piped network of extinguisher nozzles around the car and flooded the inside with foam in a matter of seconds.

I also have a copy of the Classic Cars magazine which test drove the TR6 he custom built for an airline pilot who's requirement for performance was that it must do the 0-100kph in under 7 seconds.
The car was fuel injected using his own FI system which included custom-cast inlet manifolds.

My 6 showed 120 BHP at the wheels a year ago before work on the Lucas PI and hi-lift RR's. That's it for me as it takes a fair bit more cash to get a incremental increase in output - then again I could just put on 14" Datsun rims for the sprints!!
Roger H

Lee, um, the record Chris holds is for the "Biggest Baddass TR6 in the world". It's one of those "Mine is bigger than yours type of records..."

However, it is common knowlege that Chris is a big fat cheater....

John Parfitt

Roger wrote:
"I also have a copy of the Classic Cars magazine which test drove the TR6 he custom built for an airline pilot who's requirement for performance was that it must do the 0-100kph in under 7 seconds."

Which issue is it? Maybe I can get someone to send me a copy of it on this side of the pond.
What mods were performed in addition to EFI?

Lee Janssen

Lee - I'll try to dig it up for you - but please be patient. We are in the middle of extensive home building work and most of the non-essential stuff is in storage.

Alternatively you could email Darryl as I'm sure he will have the details.

Apart from the way it looked (no bumpers, front air scoops, brushed metal dash), the only other thing that sticks in my mind is that it had key-less ignition via a push button pad on the dash!

Roger H

If you visit the site - it's the silver one (plate number SDO 244J) - The engine bay is the centre row - left habd pic.

Roger H

Guys, I don't hold the record for anything. I dropped a V8 into my TR6 cause I want to have fun, I'm not trying to be bigger, better or more badass then anyone and certainly not anyone on this BBS. There are much more powerfull TR's than mine. At the Roadster Factory
Summer party a couple years back I got my butt kicked
by five guys, some of them 4-5 seconds faster than me in the quarter mile.
John, I am not big, I am not fat and I don't cheat at anything. Please keep your personal insults to yourself.
christopher trace

This thread was discussed between 29/07/2005 and 07/08/2005

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