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Triumph TR6 - Hood Cable Disaster

Good Evening Folks,

I was in the process of trying to show off my newly rebuilt engine this afternoon. When I pulled on the hood cable to darn thing came off!!!

I checked the archives but there is no info that would seem to help. Do you have any suggestions? I'm manic........ Thanks
A Findlay

Hope this helps

Les McGaw

Hey A:
Don't panic. There's a wealth of info on this site in dealing with that little problem. Get CD1 or CD2, either of which will cover that. Otherwise, check archives for the fix; it is there, you just need to find it. Anybody else out there who can provide the link?

Bob Evans

Hey A:
Go to Archives - "Broken Hood Latch" for info, or the one above it for more. Not a big deal to get it open.

Good Luck,
Bob Evans

Just pay attention to where your battery cable is connected and don't ground it with something you're trying to use to release the catch. A wooden broom stick is said to work well. I kinda like Dan Masters' solution...a hole large enough to get your hand through in the firewall right beside the catch. About 3" should do and the 3" hole plug covers it nicely. Of course, Dan, being the inventive soul he is also fashioned an electronic servo that works well as a back up just in case!

You've now learned why a 2ndary release is considered a wise investment.
Doug Baker

I only use my secondary release. Besides, it is on the side of the car you have to be to release and open the bonnet anyway.

This is such an easy problem to eliminate before it happens. Sorry A, I know, not much help after the fact. Your only solution is as Les points out.

Might I suggest MOSS # 807-088 Emergency hood opening kit. Easy to install no new holes, no drilling and done for around $CDN 25.00.
Rick Crawford

Thanks everyone for your help....Les I followed the instructions you supplied and it worked like a charm.

I think it took longer to go to Home Depot and purchase the stock than it did actually opening the hood.

I appreciate all of your help..... Happy motoring....
A Findlay

Hi Guys:

Once again Rick C. is the voice of reason - install a Moss or TRF secondary release kit and end your troubles forever. BTW - new clutch slave is leaking again - must have scored the piston taking it out. Dummy I must be! Will be buying a complete new clutch slave cylinder and saving the remnants for parts. :>)

Bob Evans

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