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Triumph TR6 - Hopefully, a tip

When had tranny out, was not happy with clutch release system, seriously worn clutch shaft and bearings,so,found that Moss replacements are 50% wider than original, and the bore in the(bell) housing is long enough for 2, side by side, thus increasing the bearing area threefold. Then drilled a tiny hole (1/16), exactly ONE bearing width inboard of outer ends of casting which contains clutch shaft (from bottom, so easily reachable in place, for lubing),opened out and tapped first 1/4 inch, 1/4 by 28 for grease nipples, so now I have three times the bearing area plus lubrication - and reinforced fork pin - expect no problems in that area for a long time to come.Hope this helps someone. Easy to do too, took all of an hour. Peter G
Peter G

the clutch release shaft bushings is a good idea to upgrade. 4 years ago when I was rebuilding my tranny I noticed how piddly the bearings are and instead of installing new original ones I doubled up on TR3-4 bearings which alone are double the size of the 6's.

while you have the tranny out rotate the dowel pins in the fork by 90* and put in a new tempered taper pin. Another mod that is worth it and I had discussed it in a previous post is to cross dirll the the fork and shaft and install a second bolt which would be at right angle to the main one. Use a grade 8 nut and bolt.

The tappered pin tends to break miles from home.

This thread was discussed on 07/12/2002

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