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Triumph TR6 - horn

Garry Burgess mentioned on a previous thread that "I also soldered a wire across the steering coupling and presto the horn worked that's a change."
Garry can you send me a picture of how this is done as I'm also having horn problems.
B Berry

Brian, do you have the afore mentioned wire on your coupler?

Hey Berry... I'll try to get a pic for you tomorrow... but a couple of things first... The horn operates via 3 grounds well really 4.. 1 the horn button grounds to the steering wheel, 2 the ground continues thru the steering wheel steering shaft including ( that rubber coupling with the who knows if it's broken somewhere wire that runs around and through it hopefully grounding the steering column) to # 3 the ground screw with the strap at the top of the drivers side rack and pinion... This is the same bolt that you would put a greece fitting into for lubing up the rack once a year. The 4th ground is of course the chassis itself and I can't stress enough making sure ( with a voltmeter set on ohm resistance ) that when you touch the steering column where the horn button goes and touch a tonneau cover cleat on the outside of the car door that you get ground. I'll try and get a pic for you... but if your chassis isn't grounded's going to be spotty at best..

Garry Burgess

all this is a moot point if you touch 12 v to the horns and nothing happens. Check the fuse and do that before anything else

This thread was discussed between 27/05/2010 and 28/05/2010

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