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Triumph TR6 - Horn Button Assembly-69 TR6

Hello to all.

I am slowly finishing my rebuild of a 69 TR6 and am now puzzling over the horn button assembly. When I got the car, the horn was already apart, so I don't know exactly how it goes together.

I purchased a 3 pronged horn clip which I did not have. I have the button, the brush and the center pad the horn button fits into. I have looked at the Victoria British parts drawing and see no other pieces identified, yet I can't figure out how the button holds itself in the center piece.

Mine seems to fit very loose. It is like there should be a clip that holds it in this piece and completes the circuit with the 3 pronged clip and the ground.

Additionally it does not seem the 3 pronged clip is long enough to reach from the horn button to the steering wheel nut. I can't tell if the clip is supposed to be mounted on top of the nut with another nut (where it is seems too short and I don't have a second nut) or under the nut between the nut and steering wheel(where it seems to be very short).

If anyone can understand my note and offer assistance I would appreciate it.


Mike Petryschuk
Georgetown Ontario
Michael S. Petryschuk

Sounds like you are missing the "brush". See the Moss link for a diagram.

Hope the diagram helps. Steve

Steve Crosby


Thanks for your response but I do have the brush and every thing depicted in the drawing at the link you provided. In looking at the steering rack drawing at the Moss website it references a "horn push surround" that is NA for the 1969. This is the "center pad" I refer to in my original note and that I have but it is in this surround where the horn push fits loosely. And if I put the horn push in the surround and attach the 3 prong clip to the push and place the surround on the steering wheel,the clip does not reach far enough in to attach to the steering wheel securing nut.

I think there must be a clip (not identified in the drawing)that holds the horn push in the surround and a nut or bolt that attaches the 3 prong clip to the steering shaft.

Anyone familiar with the arrangement? Appreciate any and all help.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

Hi Mike

I'll take a look tommorow. Columns upstairs in the shop. Beeped fine before I took apart so I assume its all there.

Mines a 72 and the parts books say same for 69-72.

Will let you know.

Bill Brayford

Hi Mike
Do you have the Insignia center button or the TRIUMPH lettered? I don't have the 3 prong item at all on mine.

I will try to describe going by the VC book since you have it.

With the wheel on the column. Look down inside and you will see a narrow hole on one side thats were the brush #6 goes with the longer brass end going down.

Mine has a slip ring on the outside of the collumn center that holds the foam ring 1 on not shown in any book I have probably still there?

The button 3 has a brass bar on the bottom that must contact the upper end of the brush. This is were we seem to have a difference? I have #5 clip that is just a pronged clip fits into the button #3 there are slots at bottom edge at about 45 deg away from the brass bar. That clip creates a friction fit for the button and creates the ground path as well to column.

As far as I remember my TR250 had that clip #4 and it was just clipped in to the button and then created a friction fit in the cavity. Again making a ground path to wheel.

The circuit is the slip ring to brush to horn button button has a spring and contact plate inside that completes circuit to ground when pushed.

Hope thats clear? Let me know?


Bill Brayford

Hi again

When I was looking at the button I think the 3 prongs would clip into the buttons bottom to hold it in and create the ground?

I am guessing as I dont have the 3 pronger.
Bill Brayford

Thanks for your input Bill,

Mine is the insignia not letters.

It seems I do not have a slip ring around the column to hold the foam ring which may be the problem.

The button has a brass bar and it will contact the brush. The brush will contact the copper slip ring in the column. So it seems that part is ok. The problem remains that the horn button and foam ring will not stay in place since there is nothing I have that it attaches to.

The 3 prong clip does fit into the horn button but when placed in the cavity there is nothing to friction fit to. Perhaps the slip ring that holds the center foam ring I seem to be missing is the place for the 3 prong clip to friction fit and create the ground.

Unless someone has this missing part to offer, I will have to make something up to hold it in place.

I thank both Steve and Bill for your help.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

Hi mike

The foam ring does not hold anything together. If you look inside there is a slot for it to fit around a friction fit outside ring with a lip that goes in the foams slot. Safety add on 1969 style?

I don't think that 3 pronger is valid even for 69? My guess is you need the #5 clip.

As for buttons. Try depressing the button and check continuity think there both the same.

I'm Guelph so if you want to take a wander down or call me only one in book let me know. We can compare.

Bill Brayford

Thanks Bill,

I'm not ready to install the steering wheel yet and it will likely be closer to late Oct or early November for that. In fact I can probably install the steering wheel and the rest of the interior and leave the horn to last. At that point I may make arrangements to meet if I haven't solved the problem.

Still lots of other things to do before it gets too cold.

The horn button does close the circuit when I press it.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

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