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Triumph TR6 - Hot Days, No Gas

Does anybody have trouble with standard fuel pump and the long way round to the carbs? I do, my idle is terrible. I took off my K+N filters as they were starving the carbs, this helped alot, yet the fuel is vapourizing. It was suggested to put in an electric fuel pump and run fuel line straight up passenger side to carbs. Has anyone done this?
B.J. Wolfer

I think many of the 6's represented on this BBS don't have issues with the stock fuel delivery setup. Have you monitored your under-bonnet temps? Is the fan shroud in place?

Once I thought about securing a wireless thermometer remote to isolate the hot spots but never got around to it. Does the problem progress to vapour-lock? What fuel do you use?

EC Smith

The standard mechanical pump can keep with the fuel demands of the car even during those hot Texas summers that I used to suffer through. If you are having a fuel delivery problem to the carbs, then you either have some line blockage somewhere or have a weak pump that should be replaced. I even know a couple of people that on their street cars with triple DCOEs run the stock mechanical pump and it keeps the Webers fed as long as they don't spend too much time at wide open throttle running on the main jets.

I have plumbed in an electric pump with a pre-pump gross filter (to keep out the "rocks") and a large post pump filter, all in -6 (3/8") AN hardware. The hard line routing to the front follows the stock routing, but diverges at that point by coming up and around the back of the cylinder head before going to tees and an elbow at the three carbs. Something similar could be done for the stock set, but would really be overkill. Then again, sometimes too much of everything is just enough.

As for K&Ns choking off the air flow, I am just having a hard time seeing that with a properly maintained set of filters. If they are overoiled or really dirty, then you could have a problem.

If you are still running gasoline blended for winter, that may be your problem. Put some fresh gasoline in and see if your problem goes away.
Ed Bell

If you think you can solve your problem with gas boiling by rerouting the lines, why not just try it? Then if it works you can share it with us. I think the filters could make the mixture a bit richer (not starving them from fuel), but that can be adjusted. Are you now running with no filters? Not such a good idea. When it's really hot, you're probably gonna have a little problem with vapor lock, but keep on tuning. It's a big part of TR ownership.

I ran SS braided lines for fuel and also installed an electric fan...since then no problems with vapor lock or starvation...

obvious suggestion but have to make up the pump and make sure its filter is clean as well as ou fuel line filter...amazing what get in there over the months/years.

Bob Craske

I isolated the standard fuel line with flexible SS lines and also installed a heatshield for the carbs to keep them cool.(from eBay; easy installation between carbs and air filter)
I've had vapor lock twice since I own the TR6, only occurred in traffic jam. Now also installed the original fuel pump with the hand-lever, so fuel can be pumped manual to the carbs. Works fine and I've had no vapor lock anymore.

Be sure to have the fuel filter without any air.

My 2 cents :)

Eric de Lange

Yeah - I hated the way the metal fuel line wrapped around the head - so I insulated it with sleeve packing from Mcmaster-Carr. Nomex, I believe. That was YEARS ago. Can't hurt.

Brent B

This thread was discussed between 09/06/2006 and 11/06/2006

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