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Triumph TR6 - How is the suspension?

I am contemplating renovating the suspension on my tr6. I am interested in knowing how your improvements are. Are your springs lowering? How are the spax?

The TR6 in standard form has appalling handling and road holding, so huge improvements can be made during a rebuild.
Cheapest and easiest is to replace are those horrible rubber bushes on the steering rack. Be careful though of banging kerbs once the alloy mountings are fitted - the rack can be more easily damaged. Replace all the wishbone bushes with polyurethane or nylon and stainless steel .Do this for the rear trailing arms too. Now the wheels will point in the right direction most of the time rather than occassionally. Get rid of the lever arm shockabsorbers to eliminate that disconcerting rear-end lurch coming out of a corner. Fit telescopics. Stiffer springs all round will further improve the handling and you can lower the ride height at same time. But do make sure that the front and rear are uprated appropriately. If you stiffen the front disproportionately compared with the rear, or if you uprate the front antiroll bar, there is a risk of the rear suspension riding the bump-stop in a turn. If this happens all the cornering forces will transfer onto that tyre and the rear will break a
dhesion very rapidly indeed.(No you won't catch it). And a rear antiroll bar is a further improvement.So get expert advice. In UK Revington does a integrated suspension pack:
Fred Puhn's book 'How to make your car handle',HP Books is highly recommended.
Peter Cobbold

This thread was discussed between 17/07/1999 and 18/07/1999

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