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Triumph TR6 - How Many Are Left

Hello all,
I was just thinking, of the 90,000 6's that were produced, how many remain? I am amazed how many used parts are showing up constantly on Ebay. Since I have started my project this August, I have come across roughly 20 cars that are too far gone, basket cases or going to their grave. The last TR was made 30 years ago, I suspect the numbers started to fall off in the 80's due to either rust, accidents, or poor maintence. My guess; 8000 are left.
Tom C

My gut says there have to be many more than 8000 survivors. To look at it from a different angle, what would it take to keep Moss, TRF & VB in business? Then throw in the specialty shops that are springing up and I just think that 8,000 cars could not support the business side.

Sure, a lot of guys are rebuilding suspensions and replacing clutches, but there really are not a lot of high-dollar stock parts on these cars. I bought all the pieces & parts to redo the suspensions a couple of years ago. Once in the 30 years we have had the two -6's. I seriously doubt that I will buy another set in my lifetime. The guys that are spending the big bucks are into performance mods, toyota transmissions, nissan rear ends, alum radiators and the like.

Those guys aren't going to make their living off me this year as I do not think that I will buy $100 worth of parts for the 2 TR-6's we have on the road.


well, it's time to let the cat out of the bag. Because of the striking beauty and the sound of the "big" 6, the tr6 is being mass produced in China for their domestic population. Moss, TRF and Vic are outlets for over-produced items, "2nds", bad batches...(and good batches as well...) plus the claim that they (the Party) designed the car.
Happy New Year everybody....(the year of the SIX)
c.a.e. emenhiser

Hi Folks and Happy New Year!
There would appear to be quite a few TR6's still around. Here, in the greater St. John's area I know of 12 and we have a population of only about 150,000 but there are very few elsewhere in the province. Kevin Farley indicates many in Australia and Ontario boasts a significant number of cars. Reports from our southern brothers and their club sites also indicates no shortage of these beautiful machines. Perhaps VTR has some stats or some amateur statisticians could extrapolate some numbers based on numbers built and distribution. Whatever the numbers, the TR6 still draws admiring looks and comments wherever encountered. BTW - 14 deg C here on Dec 30th & 31st but roads too wet & salty to chance a drive in the TR. No snow yet but definitely not TR weather. Starting a rebuild very soon on my spare '74 engine. Hopefully new mains, rings and attendant bushings will do the job without having to hone and grind to oversize. First purchase will be thrust washers - after that we'll see what else is needed. No plans to keep the EGR or other gnarly emissions bits so a small HP gain is anticipated with a small grind on the head, header, Pertronix and other minor efficiencies.

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

This thread was discussed between 29/12/2005 and 01/01/2006

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